Your Sales Zone and The 3 C's For Staying There

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Sale the High C's

One of the biggest challenges sales people face is bringing their best energy and enthusiasm to their prospect conversations. Sales work typically demands a consistent amount of interaction with a list of prospects. There is little time to waste as you rebound from a “no" or “not now" to move on to your next prospect. Staying in your “sales zone" doesn't need to be complicated. Staying on top of the C factors: Clarity, Confidence and Connection will help you put your sales in full sail.


  • Be clear about the prospect's needs. Prepare ahead of time to know the struggles and frustrations of their business or industry. Some beforehand knowledge will support you in providing the prospect with clear and knowledgeable responses to their concerns. Having a general knowledge of the type of challenges your prospect may struggle with provides a solid piece of framework for your best listening and responses.
  • Be clear about the important details of your product. Know the product's strengths, and know important details about what it can and cannot do. Be clear about any ordering or shipping details that they might want to know. Some of these details may require further follow-up. Being clear about the next step supports you in staying in the sales zone.


  • Be confident about who you are. Know your strengths and lead from your personal confidence in those strengths. Connect to your values and purpose daily so that your confidence is a habit that comes from your true authenticity. A confident presence translates to the prospect's trust in you and in your follow-through on sales commitments.
  • Be confident about your product. Your confidence in your product is a key ingredient for connecting to your sales zone. Selling a product that you don't feel good about can derail your success when you least expect it. When product confidence matches strong personal confidence, integrity shines through and bolsters your sales presence.


  • Connect to the prospect. Your best connection occurs when you communicate with prospects in a way that gives them what they need from the sales conversation. Good sales training suggests using basic personality or behavior typing information, such as that of the DISC assessment or MBTI as a great support for this. These assessments not only help you to know your prospect, but also help you to see your natural tendencies as a seller. With this information in hand, you can sell to your prospect in the way that matches their preference which adds connection as an energizing ingredient to your sales.
Don't let the “no" and “not now" drag your sales process down. Let the three C's - Clarity, Confidence and Connection, be the fuel and framework for your sales success. Know which of the C's is your strong suit and look to strengthen areas where needed. In the sales zone, your sales success is unstoppable!

Trish Pratt works with sales people to help them become unstoppable in their success. Visit for more information on sales coaching and tools, and on how YOU can become unstoppable!


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