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Increase Sales Coaching Tip - Keep Your Message Simple, Direct & Focused

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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Want to increase sales? Then is your message as simple and direct as it needs to be? Maybe now is the time to revisit all of your sales messages.

Traveling the road the other day, I read this message from a high-end import new car dealership: Free car washes; Free Maintenance; Free Soul. This message actually confused me because I could not make the connection between buying this type of car and being a better religious person.

Yes, the message was direct and simple, but it failed to be focused on the target market. What I do know that it was written by someone (probably an expensive marketing firm) who thought it was cute, but that person was clueless about the essence of sales - that being focused on the target market and their pain or gain.

People change for one of two reasons - either to secure greater gain or avoid greater pain. The potential market for this expensive import car I am sure are more concerned about time than their souls. For without additional time, they will not have time to free their souls.

This market may also have pain in their pocket book because by making the up front significant investment they can save money through the free car washes and maintenance. Again, I truly do not believe that the target market has any significant pain or gain specific to their souls when considering buying this type of vehicle.

How many times do you attend a networking event and hear someone give either a very long introduction or short introduction that generates far more confusion than curiosity? These types of infomercials fail on all 3 fronts: simple, direct and focused.

When you as a salesperson can develop your sales skills to deliver a sales message that is:

  • Simple - Easy to understand
  • Direct - Clear and to the point
  • Focused - Looks to your specific target market

Then you will see your goal to increase sales come to fruition.

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Leanne Hoagland-Smith, chief customer officer, helps organizations through business training coaching services to return to the purpose of business that being building raving fans while increasing productivity and profitability. With offices in Chicago, Indianapolis and colleagues nationwide, she can help you become the Red Jacket in the Sea of Gray Suits. Call 219.759.5601 to schedule a free business coaching consultation.


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Increase Sales Coaching Tip - Remember You Are A Professional 24-7
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