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Sales Tip - Taking Action Even the Wrong Action is Better Than Not Taking Any Action

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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Are you a business owner considering this sales action or that marketing strategy? You want to know everything before you make a decision to increase sales. Fact: Until you take action, you will not know if it works or does not work. Your indecision is really a decision and costing you thousands of lost opportunities.

Yesterday during a Master Mind roundtable monthly meeting, one of the business owners was trying to understand the marketing actions of another member and myself. He wanted to see the big picture and understand the marketing logic of all of our actions not to mention the results.

His desire is not foolish, but he has a habit of always wanting to see everything. Until he sees everything, he does not make any decisions. I believe that if he would take some action, even the wrong action, he would be far better off than trying to understand everything.

President Theodore Roosevelt said:

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing is the wrong thing; and the worst thing you can do is nothing. "

The goal to increase sales is a lot like fishing. You hone your sales skills with practice, practice and more practice. You may have the best fishing equipment, but each place where you fish is a little different. Decisions to change the depth of the sinker to the type of bait are made on the spot. For the goal is to catch a fish or preferably more than one. Until you cast the line out, you will never catch a fish unless they are jumping into your boat and we all know how often that happens.

Casting that line is the result of the decision to take action. One of the hidden not often discussed 4 letter dirty words keeping people from personal and business success is Doit. I know Do It is really two words, but if you say it fast enough, it sounds like one word.

How many people just do not Doit? They wallow around in their indecision, fretting about this or that, wanting a sure fire, proven solution. They end up playing the violin of indecision while Rome is burning all around them. Does that visualize strike a chord with you?

For example, business research has provided substantial research that not having a business action plan will ultimately contribute to your business downfall. Another proven fact validated by the research that business coaching training yields anywhere from 500% to 2000% positive ROI. Customer loyalty is said to be the strategic competitive advantage. Yet, how many in sales or in business for that matter have a sales plan, hire a sales coach or business coach and actively work to improve customer loyalty?

If you want to increase sales, then just do it. If what you did does not work, then do something else. When you find something that does work, continue to do it! Do not be paralyzed by the fear of indecision. “Action" as Peter Zarlenga said, “conquers fear. "

Do you want to increase sales but have limited time to dollars? Have you heard of the business coaching training gyms where you have a sales coach at your fingertips?


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