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7 Steps to Increasing Your Sales Power

Michelle Rigg

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Looking for sales success? Sorry, you won't find the real secret at a book store. Where should you look for this secret? How about inside yourself!

I'm serious. It's right there. An amazing power you can use in sales, your personal life, and professional relationships. It's begging you to recognize and use it.

So maybe you're thinking, “Hey. . . I'm cool. I've got a handle on this power thing. " Maybe you do; maybe you don't. It all depends on your relationship with your mind. Unless you have a stranglehold on your mind, it's probably doing its own thing with little thought for your personal success. Why? Think bureaucrat.

That's exactly what your mind is - a knee-jerk-reacting part of you that is primarily concerned with protecting its own territory. Like any good bureaucrat, it:

  • Loves rules

  • Tends to say “NO" to almost any suggestion

  • Uses fear to intimidate

  • Constantly throws up barriers to discourage growth and self-improvement

How do you change this situation? By getting out of your mind. Or, to put it another way, “Fire the bureaucrat!" How do you fire the bureaucrat, and who takes over? I'll share the answers to these questions with you in the following Seven Steps. Read them carefully - you may be entering new territory!

Step #1: Get out of your mind by dropping your defenses

Objective: Connect to prospects in a natural and healthy way.

The mind can be pretty sneaky. Without consulting you, it will often throw up defense mechanisms and emotions that hinder your growth and success. Outside of a knot in your stomach or tension in your neck, you may not be aware of most of them. However, if you know about some of the little tricks the mind can play, you can do something about them. The following exercise will help you do just that.

Before going to see a prospect or client, summon up your power voice. You know what it is. It is the voice of respect you use when you're done messing around!

Silently or out loud, speak these words: “Mind, I know you are trying to protect me and I appreciate it. But when I walk into Mr. Whatever's office, I want all your defenses immediately lowered. Done! Over with! Removed!"

The mind may ignore you the first few times. After all, it's been in control for so long it's not going to give up its bureaucratic position easily. But that WILL change. You just have to demonstrate in a loving and consistent way that you mean business!

Within a short time, you'll experience a shift inside you. When this happens, you'll discover you are relating to prospects and clients in a way you never did before. At the same time, clients will find it easier to relate to you. It all becomes a very natural process when you get the mind out of the way.

Step #2: Let go of all fear

Objective: Give off a confident, positive vibe. If you have no fear, chances are neither will your prospects!

After doing the above exercise, you'll probably notice a distinct decrease in fear. However, there may still be some fear nibbling around the edges of your emotions. You want to get rid all fear, and the following “out of your mind" exercise will help do just that.

This may seem silly, but man. . . does it WORK!

Imagine roots growing out of the bottom of your feet and into the ground. It doesn't matter if you're on the top floor of a skyscraper or standing on a sidewalk - see your roots burrowing deep into the ground beneath you.

Now you're grounded and mentally present in THIS moment.

Next see all fears turning into a dark liquid as they leave your mind (which is where they all originate and reside). See the dark fluid flowing down through your roots and into the ground. As your fears leave, you will again feel a shift toward calm and confidence.

Now, hold your head up and move forward. You are emotionally clean and ready to meet your prospect! You will know you have eliminated all fears if you can smile and laugh naturally with your prospect.

Step #3: Create the person you want to be

Objective: Be a polished professional who is inwardly solid instead of outwardly focused on need.

Let's say you are preparing for a sales call. You have all of your papers, literature, samples, and anything else you need organized and ready.

But wait - do you know exactly what you want to say, how you want to say it, and the response you want to receive from the prospect? If you don't, take a few minutes and organize your inner self for success. See yourself as an amazingly successful person. Feel the confidence. See yourself radiating warmth and concern. Picture yourself making the best sales presentation of your life.

Forget about the prospect. This is for you! When you step forward, do so without doubts, judgment or concerns. This is the powerful YOU!

Step #4: Trust yourself

Objective: Wake up, accept and learn to use the REAL power that comes from your connection to your heart, intuition and inner wisdom.

It's amazing how many people really don't trust themselves. They have made SO many promises to themselves and ended up breaking them. After a while the mind just says, “Blah-blah-blah, here we go again. "

When this happens, your inner guidance system becomes weakened and eventually blocked. . . and with it a significant amount of your personal power. Your inner wisdom can put brilliant thoughts in your head and eloquent words on your tongue. But, if your mind is standing in the way, forget it.

Here is another opportunity to use your power voice. Say, “Thank you, mind, for wanting to help me with this sales presentation. However, I am now turning it over to the wisdom of my inner self. "

Now speak to your inner self. “I now turn control of this sales situation over to my inner guidance and wisdom. " Believe what you are speaking because it will be so.

Step #5: Don't think about making a sale

Objective: Hear the prospect more accurately by silencing your inner noise.

After completing Step #4, stop thinking about the sale! Relax and let your inner wisdom control what you see, hear, and say. You can aid your inner wisdom by focusing your attention on your intuition (or “gut").

You will pick up clues from the body language and tone of your client that you might otherwise have missed because you were too busy thinking about your next move. You'll hear the prospect talk about his or her needs or problems and understand them from his or her perspective, NOT yours.

Any time a prospect or customer is talking, make it a habit to get out of your mind. Only when the babbling of our minds is silenced are we able to hear what our inner wisdom is telling us.

When you are out of your mind, you will hear what your prospect or customer is actually saying without distorting it through filters. This will help you experience a true one-to-one relationship with the other person.

Step #6: Leave your personal agendas or expectations in the car

Objective: Don't push or force anything to happen.

Walk into your prospect's office CLEAN. No agendas. No expectations. No judgments. You should only have one objective in mind: to find out the needs of your prospect and how you can best meet them.

Forget about pushing that certain widget the home office wants you to showcase. Let it go. That's the company's agenda. If you make it yours, you'll be walking into the prospect's office with only part of your sales power intact.

Concentrate on finding out exactly what the prospect needs. . . or thinks he (or she) needs. Only then will you be able to sincerely and effectively make suggestions to fulfill those needs.

But don't worry, your needs will be met, too, once you learn how to get out of your own way and just be the wonderful you that we all love and adore!

When you do this, you will be more relaxed. So will your prospect. He/she will sense, consciously or unconsciously, that you have moved to their side of the desk and have a sincere interest in helping them.

Step #7: Let go of NEED

Objective: Put your focus where it needs to be - on the PROSPECT!

Okay. . . so the mortgage is due, you owe some medical bills, and the rest of your financial health is lousy. Forget about it!

If you focus on your problems, you won't be able to focus on the prospect's needs. Remember, it is impossible to think of two things at the same time. Make it a point to concentrate on your prospect's needs and wants. . . NOT yours.

If you have difficulty doing this, try another “out of your mind" exercise. See yourself as extremely rich and totally successful. You don't need this sale. You don't need ANY sale. The only reason you have come to this prospect's office is because you know you have a product or service the prospect needs or will benefit from having. You are there for the prospect - NOT for yourself!

You'll be more relaxed and confident. And, as I mentioned in the last step, you will be clear of agendas or desires.

It all comes down to this

Getting out of your mind is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to increase your sales success. Go ahead. . . fire the bureaucrat in your mind and turn over control to your inner wisdom. In doing so, you will release an enormous amount of personal power. This power can catapult you to a level of sales success you've only dreamed about!

Copyright 2007 - Michelle Rigg

Personal power expert Michelle Rigg is the author of You Must Be OUT of YOUR MIND: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating More Power in Your Life. Her clients usually see remarkable improvements in income, relationships, communication, focus, and clarity after completing just one workshop or telephone laser session. For a FREE 5-step course that will supercharge your personal power, visit


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