How To Sell Quick Tips

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"I can’t sell!"
“I can’t do business!”

Really, these are the most commons things you’ve probably heard or been saying to yourself. Is selling really that hard? Does it really need special skills?

Here’re some tips you could use:

1. Don’t ever feel ashamed because you have to sell something.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia where usually mothers (of kindergarten age) hang around outside the school’s area, waiting for school to finish. And it is the best time to sell almost everything to them.
In the fasting month last year I found cheap veil accessories in a traditional market which I know can cost very expensive at malls. Hmm, I instantly asked my husband permission to spend money for my first capital. And then, I sold the hair pins in my daughter’s school and by emails! Wow, surprisingly I get many profits, plus, I get to keep the nice ones.

2. Be sure with what you sell.

Try them first. For instance, if you’re selling hair pins try to find out the quality of each item. Some has beautiful stones on them but most are quite fragile. Make sure your clients know that before buying. This will be the beginning of your credibility as an entrepreneur.

3. Know the market price so you can set a correct price in line with the quality of the products.

4. Be smart in finding unique things.

This can be as simple as: I vacationed in Singapore and found oral B toothbrush kids with princesses, mermaids, toys story pics on them. As far as I could remember there weren’t any yet in Jakarta. So, I bought a couple and sold them soon as I got back through a mailing list for moms!

5. Know the right place and timing of where and when to sell.

Selling pashminas during a mom get together event is great! You can sell more if it’s near a certain holiday celebration. Selling aromatherapy for health? It will be more appropriate if you approach a mother whose child is sick all the time for instance.

6. Don't be too pushy.

Just relax. Just talk about your products in casual conversations. People who weren’t interested at first, sooner or later will remember and . . .be interested at last!

7. Sell something you yourself need.

There are plenty of advantages of selling something we need ourselves. For instance: if it’s not sold out, we can use it ourselves and it doesn’t go wasted.

Nadia Yuniardo
is a work at home mom whose line of business includes bel’air aromatherapy network marketing, asian brain internet marketing center and runs the very first weblog for work at home Indonesian moms


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