Ten FAST Ways to Sell Your Products

Catherine Franz

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Always give a reason for the sale for credibility.

1. If you have old Inventory, give a closeout sale.

2. Return sales. Sometimes called a scratch and dent sale. Offer any less than perfect inventory at a special discount. Always mention the character flaw with the product - the corner’s bent, label glue scratch somewhere.

3. Only one or two left. Sell them for half price. Post on eBay. Combine them with another product, change the price to cover half of the orginal price.

4. Discount sale. You could create one or two-time seasonal discount sale. Use Ikea’s model of a sale only once a year. How about holidays, the President’s birthday, or the company’s X year sale. Auto dealers have over used this and people don't pay much attention to them any longer. Be careful not to do the same.

5. Use Amazon’s model and offer free shipping for orders over $X. Alternatively, offer free shipping with limited dates or if they upgrade.

6. Have higher priced items for sale? Offer a special payment with automatic billing to their credit card.

7. Add ways to provide samples. Free trials, free previews, with automatic delayed payment after X days if they don't return the product by that date. To screen customers, charge a small fee like a delivery fee, postage, or an amount you pay for processing their credit card.

8. Offer a pre-sell price. Product not ready. . . book at the printers or currently in the mail to Amazon, sell it anyway. Offer a pre-production price. Just be careful on your dates.

9. Has someone purchased a similar product or smaller version? Offer them a “special" customer offer.

10. Use the “if you buy now, we'll give you two for the price of one" offer. This offer has worked well in Sunday morning TV ads, why not for yours. Tell them they can give the other away for a Christmas or birthday gift. Whenever you solve two problems with one offer, you have gotten their attention. This works the same as a bonus offer.

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