Nine Keys to Make your Sales Copy Convincing

Judy Cullins

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Would you pay $12,500 to discover the keys to great sales copy? Maybe not, but Brian Keith Voiles did. And he put it to use for Fortune 500 Companies.   You may not have that kind of promotion money, so here are the nine keys for FREE. Be sure you cover all of them in the right order.

1.   Attention

Write a headline that grabs your reader by the collar. Fear or curiosity are good places to start. For example, “Avoid a beginner's mistakes in ad copy, and yield 30 times your sales in just 4 months. "

2.   Interest

List the five or so top benefits of your product or service. Acknowledge your target market's problem while you show them the solution. Show them that you've been where they are and you can help them.

3.   Credibility

Mention your clients or buyers as referrals. Let your prospective buyers know others have benefited from you and your products.

4.   Prove

Include testimonials with full names, cities, and today either a web site or email address. These people are your greatest sales force, because new visitors or readers don't quite trust you, and will listen to the opinion of well-known opinion makers and satisfied customers.

5.   Believable

Give your full contact information on your Web site or in your product. Make it easy to buy with no hassles. Let your visitors know why they should trust you.

6.   Scarcity

Have limited offers, special time sensitive sales, and discounts on a few products each month to show a limited quantity at this special price.

7.   Action

Ask for the sale. On my Web site, I use words like “Ready to buy now? Click here to order. " More sophisticated sites use lines with links in them that change color. While this is streamlined, maybe your “newbies" aren't that Internet savvy.

8.   Warn

Let your audience know the pain and suffering they will experience if they don't use you or your product. Without Web site makeover coaching, your site may be attractive, but will it do what you want—create lifelong various streams of income? Without bookcoaching, your idea may die and you won't be able to do what every author wants—to share your unique wisdom and benefit thousands of others.

9.   Now

Tell your audience why they should buy right now. Will they save money? Time? Avoid unpleasant things? Make their life so much better?

Using these nine keys for convincing sales copy has catapulted my business success, and can do the same for you—even if it is free.

Judy Cullins, 20-year book and Internet Marketing Coach, Author of 10 eBooks including “Write your eBook Fast, " and “How to Market your Business on the Internet, " she offers free help through her 2 monthly ezines, The Book Coach Says. . . and Business Tip of the Month at and over 140 free articles. Email her at


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