Sales Processes - Using a Two-Step Process for Direct Mail

Joshua Feinberg

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Sales processes vary depending on the type of marketing you are doing. Many computer resellers use direct mail advertising as part of their marketing strategy. The sales process that is critical in this type of campaign is the two-step sales process.

What is a Two-Step Sales Process?

A two step sales process is based on the premise that you are not going to close a $10,000 client from a direct mail postcard. You need to get a foot in the door. The two step sales process does just that. It is designed to get the receiver to raise their hand and indicate they are interested.

For a two step sales process to be successful your offer must motivate the desired action. Typical two-step sales process requests include:

calling to reserve a seat at a seminar
requesting a report
setting up a free, no obligation mini needs analysis
providing a confirmation email address

The actual call to action is less important than just getting the initial response. Once you have a person who is interested, it is much easier to sell them in the second part of the two-step sales process.

Tracking a Two-Step Sales Process

When you use a two-step sales process it is critical that you build in mechanisms that allow you to track these inquires. If you mail out 2500 postcards, you need to be able to log with 100% certainty how many inquiries were generated by that mailing. The other factor you need to track in your two-step sales process is how many of those inquiries turned in to paying clients or customers during 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 100 days, 180 days whatever it is following the mailing.

You need to know these statistics. It is extremely important when planning your next direct mail campaign and two-step sales process. You must know what is working so you can do more of it.

The Bottom Line on the Sales Process

A two-step sales process is the most effective method for selling using direct mail advertising. With this type of sales process you get the targets to raise their hand first. Then you make the harder sell with only those people who have identified an interest.

The two-step sales process allows you to track your sales results and it lets you focus on those people who have a high likelihood of being converted to paying customers.

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