Why You Didn't Get the Sale

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Selling is a Process! If you miss, leave out, ignore, bypass, or quick forward elements of the process, you are reducing your chances of closing the sale. Our years of experience developing successful sales individuals and teams has proven there are 3 Key Areas of this process that will make or break the sale. At United Sales Training our most successful tool, the Skills Evaluator, has provided additional support in benchmarking our findings. Listed below are the 3 most important elements of the sale process.

1: Qualifying:

  • if you don’t know what the customer needs or wants;
  • if you don’t understand what motivates the customer to buy;
  • if you don’t help the customer feel comfortable by engaging him/her in conversation and clarifying your understanding of their needs;
  • if you don’t understand who the decision maker/s are;
  • if you don’t confirm that your customer could afford your product or service;
  • and if you don’t understand your customer’s buying cycle (time parameters);

How effective or successful will you be at closing the sale?

2: Asking for the Sale – effective qualifying will guarantee the sale or eliminate the possibility, BUT you have to ask for the sale or you won’t get it. The customer expects you to ask for the sale. If you show uncertainty you will create uncertainty in your customer. Email us to learn how our personalized selling systems will supercharge your closing averages.

3: Follow Up – if you do nothing else, Follow Up with the customer. If you don’t have an effective follow up system – GET ONE! Its amazing how much time, energy, and money go into finding a customer and how little effort is applied to the follow up. Learn this skill and your results are guaranteed. Email us to learn more about our results driven follow up system.

These 3 skills will take you from mediocre to Exceptional.


  1. Follow a well documented sales process.
  2. Integrate your style and personality into the process.
  3. Stay focused on the 3 steps listed above.
  4. Develop your skills daily.

Need a system to put it all together? Leave your Ego on your desk and Email us for support. You work the system we guarantee the results.

Teri Samuels, CEO - United Sales Training (http://www.unitedsalestraining.com), 20 years as a Professional Sales and Marketing Troubleshooter, Trainer, Recruiter, Upper Level Manager, and Consulting Professional. Dedicated to the “keep it simple" approach.

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