Close More Sales With This Very Simple 3 Step Sales Process.

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As Financial Services Sales Professional you need to build trust and rapport in order to close more sales. By using a simple 3 Step Sales process you will able to close more sales and earn more commissions.

Step 1 - Contacting the Lead

For most Financial Services Sales Professionals making that phone call to set the appointment is often the hardest part of the sales process. Well it just got easier. You call the prospect and say

  • Hi Mr Prospect
  • wait for Reply
  • My name is Mike Makler and I received your name from a form you filled out on my web site. It says here you are interested in a possible Mortgage Refinance, some life insurance and retirement planning. Does that sound about right
  • wait for Reply
  • Mr Prospect this is how I work I would like to meet with you for about 15 Minutes and have you fill out a brief questionnaire to see if I can even help you. I promise I will not try to sell you anything I will be in your area tomorrow would Morning or afternoon be better.
  • wait for Reply
  • Great Morning it is. Do me a favor mark your calendar and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning between 9am and 11am

Step 2 The First Meeting

Remember the first meeting is where you get to know your prospect. Have a questionnaire prepared in advance with the questions related to their situation. Most good sales organizations will offer you online and offline tools with questionnaires.

The Sales call will go something like this. You Make some small talk, then have the client fill out the questionnaire. You say goodbye to the client and tell them you will get back to them to see how to proceed. In some cases you may want to make the 2nd appointment on the spot in other cases you may want to wait.

Before you leave ask for some leads.

Step 3 The Sale

The second meeting is where you make the sale. You go back with the questionnaire and at least 2 proposals on how you can meet their needs. If you get the sale or not always ask for leads. If you get the sale or not ask them if it's ok if you check back later on to review there situation.

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Sales Success - How The Law Of The Farmer Can Help You Close More Sales
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