Dead Horse?

Gary Zalben

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And you thought only cats have 9 lives. Nai! When you thought you are pretty much dead (as far as kicking yourself out of the comfort zone), you'll be surprised you are pretty much alive once you notice, and then acknowledge that being in the comfort zone is, let's say, comfortable?, but not very profitable! And I am not referring here to profitable in terms of money alone but in terms of reinventing, reviewing, and updating your habits and attitudes on the sales floor.

If you haven't thought of this, you'd better put on your thinking cap as this can seriously affect your income and your life in general. It is comfortable to lay down around the comfort zone thinking that everything that you have been doing, just the way you have been doing it, is perfectly fine, but it is not. Really.

A salesman recently asked me if I knew what's the difference between being aggressive and self-assertive. When you think of the word “aggressive" the first thought that comes to mind is forceful or pushy, right? But when we think of the word “self-assertive" there is plenty of room in our minds to deliberate on the meaning of self-assertiveness. First, we could think of it as someone who is direct, to the point, fair, open, positive, straightforward, lucid, honest, resolved, self-confident etc. ; for instance, a negotiator is a self-assertive person.

You can practice self-assertiveness with yourself! For example, eating the right foods, in the right order and in the necessary amounts equals satisfaction, self-satisfaction. You do not need to be forceful on yourself to do this. Similarly, you can use a set of unique speaking techniques on the sales floor coupled with the right attitude to deliver customer satisfaction. Every time you approach a potential buyer on the sales floor, imagine you are treating this customer to dinner and see yourself with your customer having a succulent dinner, a mouth watering dessert and that you and your customer are going to leave completely satisfied and happy. (You with your sale and your customer with his/her purchase. )

A dead horse is only dead until you've realized it is not really dead. :)

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