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Do you know anyone whose attitude and disposition seems to drag you down? Do you know anyone whose outlook and energy bring the best out of you? I like to call this the Winner/Whiner model. I like to simplify things and divide the world into two kinds of people - Those who are Above, and those who are Below the Line. I know what you're thinking, and I'll bet it's. . . Huh??

Think of those people in life who always seem to be in charge of their destiny, and maintain a great attitude no matter what they face. They are accountable for their actions, they are responsible, and they can't help but be infectious. I call these folks the “Winners. "

They might not be able to tell you whether their success is the result of their attitude, or vice versa, but I'm here to set the record straight. These “Above the Line" people are much more effective when presented with adversity, and they are almost unstoppable when things are going well. Needless to say, Salespeople in this category make a lot of sales. Why? Because as I've said so many times it's like an echo in my head: “When you make a sale, someone else has made a buy. " Don't lose sight of the importance of that relationship. If you can't connect with your customer, and make them like you, you're at a serious disadvantage.

On the flip-side of the coin, are the Whiners. These are the people I refer to as “Below the Line. " They make excuses, they blame others, and they are in a constant state of denial. They too, are infectious. In your personal life, and in business, it's easy to see what kind of people you'd rather associate with. Your customers feel the same way. If you can conduct yourself “Above the Line" as often as possible, more of your prospects will be willing to enter a business relationship with you.

Dominic Rubino is a sales trainer and business coach whose personal mission is to make every salesperson a sales superhero. Visit his website at


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