When To "Dump" A Prospect -- Immediately!

Craig Garber

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There are some people who will absolutely never ever succeed. Let me tell you a little story about one of them:

I was going through some feedback forms from one of my client's recent seminars.

My client's a successful info-marketer in the real estate area. . . a VERY sharp guy when it comes to knowing how to completely avoid paing income taxes. . . and he also owns a bank.

No doubt, when this guy opens his mouth - if you're smart - you're going to be paying very close attention to what he's saying, because it's going to pay off for you in spades.

Anyhow, one of his seminar participants was complaining on his feedback form, because - and I kid you not - my client's seminar wasn't “Atkins Friendly".

I'm dead serious.

The guy said “Your seminar breaks are not Atkins friendly. You should have cheese and club soda. "

Now I would bet you a dollar to a hole in a doughnut, the person who wrote that complaint is one of those types of people who complains about absolutely everything. . . who never takes action on anything because nothing's ever “right". . . and of course, it goes without saying, that all this stuff is everyone else's fault.

But here's the thing: You are always going to have a few petty and annoying customers like that. Just don't spend any of your time worrying about them when you're planning out your marketing or your sales copy.

People like that are going to be “looking" for something to aggravate them, so regardless of what you end up doing, you're going to be doing the “wrong" thing as far as they're concerned.

When it comes to people like this, there's never any way you, or ANYONE else, will ever make them happy.

Your job, with PITA's like that (Pains In The Asses), is to deliver a good service or product. . . take their money in exchange for it. . . and then. . .completely eliminate any thoughts of them from your mind, forever.

What I'm saying is, don't sweat the PITA's - focus on what matters - the 99% of your marketplace that's “normal" - or. . . at least. . . “sort of" normal.

Now go sell something,

Craig Garber

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