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Loan Officer Training - Focus, Focus, Focus!

Andrew Poletto

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What do you think about as a Loan Officer? Here's a tip, don't focus on what you do have that you don't want, focus on what you DO want.

Your mind is a powerful thing, it can make you do things you have no idea you're doing. If you really understand how powerful it is, then there is almost nothing you can't achieve in the mortgage business.

All that being said, and if you really understand the power of your mind, you know that whatever your focus is your mind automatically gears itself to follow that thought plan. If you're always thinking about things you have that you don't want, like lack of business, then your mind will always gear itself towards you having lack of business. So therefore, your mind doesn't give out those creative ideas you may desparately need to develop that new business. Does that make sense?

There are too many Loan Officers in the Mortgage Business that complain about the market being slow or lack of business they have and guess what. . . they continue to have it. Ever wonder why that is? Then there are Loan Officers that thrive in just about any market, the “slow market" as some call it, doesn't exist in their world, they seem to always have business coming in some way or another. Every wonder why that is?

You have to ask yourself what you want from being a Loan Officer in the Mortgage Business. Whether it's material or not, whatever it is you want is what YOU WANT! You have the ability to get it, all you have to do is focus on it and get the stuff you don't want out of your mind.

Try changing your thought proccess for a couple of weeks and see what happens, you may be surprised.

Now I would like to invite you to to get an “Open Letter To A Loan Officer" If you're a Loan Officer in the mortgage business, this is a MUST READ. You'll also get a FREE 6-part E-Course and access to The Mortgage Mailbag, a free weekly Q&A about the mortgage business. Check it all out at


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