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Closing in the Car Business


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The “P” Word.

Closing is all about helping car customers make positive decisions. It is not about pressure or manipulation.

Your customers need help overcoming the “P” word. Procrastination! Procrastination is natural when it comes to making a buying decision. Your customer is trying to avoid making a mistake! They fear making payments on the wrong car or truck. Fear makes cowards of us all!

The question they need help with… “Is this the right vehicle for me…. regardless of the price?”

Until this question is decided positively, your customer will procrastinate.

Unfortunately, some sales consultants just don’t get it. They keep pounding the other ‘P’ words… price or payments.

Your key to success?

Take away the fear factor and you take away the procrastination.

So land your prospect on the ‘right vehicle’ and you eliminate fear. Focus on asking effective, quality questions, listen, probe and then select a vehicle that is the closest you have to meeting their needs. If the ‘best available vehicle’ is not perfect so what? You seldom have the exact vehicle in stock. Therefore present what you have that is similar and use it to sell what your client wants.

Do a POWER PRESENTATION next. Not a Mickey Mouse presentation that I got recently in a mystery shop of a dealer—it was pathetic. Is your vehicle presentation pathetic? Maybe… occasionally… too often? (I will focus on Power Presentation skills in a future Automotivator edition.

Create the ‘right climate’ for closing.

The easiest way to close your customer is right in the vehicle you are demonstrating. You drive first—do a smoking job of presenting the features, benefits and advantages of your vehicle. Then have your client drive after your power presentation drive.

Stay in the car at the conclusion of the Presentation Drive… review the various features one at a time. Come right out and ask the customer’s opinion on each positive feature they enjoyed and experienced during your Presentation Drive.

“Mr. Kemp, now that you have driven this truck, does it have the power you were looking for?” You can expect a positive response because you target only features they previously identified as first-class. “Dave, do you feel the seat is comfortable enough for the long business trips you take?” You already know the answer is positive because you were there.

Do you get it? Closing is eliminating any fear of mistakes or wrong choices. Closing is helping your customer come to a decision without feeling pressure. When your client identifies positive feature after positive feature, their fear of making a bad decision is reduced and their confidence is increased. Your customers need to procrastinate is over. This is your job. Do this well and you increase your sales! (Dealers and Sales Managers, an in-house Back to the Basics tune-up will get your gears in motion and profits growing. I have only a few days available each month, let’s talk, procrastination has a price. )

Keys to Closing Success

  • Always go on the Presentation Drive to discover your client’s hot buttons or the positive features they experience during the road test.

  • Always drive first to show off your vehicle features. That is what ‘demonstration’ means, right?

  • Stay in the vehicle at the conclusion of the presentation drive. Review positive features one at a time.

  • Ask your customer’s opinion of each positive feature you discovered during the drive. Make the list substantial.

  • Then you have earned the right to ask a closing question. You will discover more people willing to say, “YES, this vehicle is just right, I will take it”.

    Once your clients want what you sell they stop procrastinating and help you make the price and payments work.

    Sales Quote for the week - The longer the list of positive features you review in the front seat… the lower the RISK of making a decision!

    Print this Automotivator Newsletter and read it every day for the next week. Imprint the specific sales skills in your mind—and put them to use. Don’t fear trying something new, fear living with the low income you will make if you don’t. Please email me with your experiences.

    Have a great selling day!

    Copyright 2005 Dave Kemp Seminars

    Dave Kemp, the Automotivator
    The Automobile Sales Coach

    * Our motivation and passion! To improve the buying experience of your customers
    * To improve the profits of your vehicle sales departments.
    * To increase the sales performance and enrich the lifestyle
    of your sales consultants and managers in your automobile dealership.

    Trackstar - Customer Relationship Management and Follow-up systems Dave is on the executive of the Canadian Association of Professional Trainer and Speakers. If your dealer association, manufacturer or performance group wants an industry expert who speaks powerfully on retail issues contact Dave.

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