More Simple Truths About Personal Selling Success

Jim Meisenheimer

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Here are a few “Meisenheimerisms" that can perk up any selling day. These little gems have helped me grow my business and it's my hope they'll help you grow yours.

Here they are:

Note - one of the keys to closing the sale is opening the dialogue, which means you have to ask really good questions.

Note - most people will do more to avoid loss than to gain an advantage, which means you have to uncover their pain.

Note - the foundation to achieving success in sales is plain and simple. It's all about making sales calls. The more sales calls you make the higher your sales will be, which means making one more sales call every day should be a priority for you.

Note - you gotta put your whole heart into the “Selling life, " which means if you don't love selling - go find other work you can love.

Note - life is not fair and it's not supposed to be - so get used to it, which means if you have problems you're still alive. People in cemeteries don't have any problems.

Note - bombard your prospects with benefits and keep doing it throughout the entire selling process.

Here's an example. When you order the written-manual version of my “Are You Complete To Compete" here's an example of what you'll find on page 38.

=> Always walk with your chin-up!

=> Always have your best smile on your face. Always! Always!!

=> Always have positive expectations and a positive attitude!

=> Always begin with open-ended sales questions. Ask for their definitions.

=> Always transition to your presentation with . . . “Based on what you told me. "

=> Always inject power words when describing your products, (superior, uncompromising, exceptional, unique, exclusive)

=> Always introduce benefits with key transition words. e. g. which means, it achieves, it creates, it permits etc.

=> Always prepare and practice in advance specifically how you will secure the customer’s commitment to purchase your product!

=> Always show your appreciation to everyone who helped you close the sale (internally and externally).

=> Always ask for referrals and introductions to the referrals. It’s a proven way to grow your business!

Keep globbing on the benefits.

Jim Meisenheimer is the No-Brainer Sales Training Guru. His sales techniques and selling skills focus on practical ideas that get immediate results. You can discover all his secrets by contacting him at (800) 266-1268 or e-mail:

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