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It’s age of marketing. What is the use of a quality products if you are unable to sell it? Moreover, there is so much competition in market that you can’t even sell a quality product easily. The world of business is changing fast. Unless you are able to adjust with the new trends, and mould your techniques accordingly you will find it very difficult to get success. However, you needn’t worry. We are arming you with some new and tested ideas, which will transform you into a SUPER SALES MAN (a very successful marketing executive).


It is true that in a sales strategy you often have to agree with your customers. Customers are always right. Beware of antagonising your customers. Nevertheless, never believe them if they say ‘no’. In case you believe you will have to resign from your post soon or you will have to close your business. Most of them have a natural habit of saying ‘no’. So learn to maintain your calm and try again with better words. If you still fail then leave in a good mood showering a couple of sentences for his better life and future. Moreover, after a mouth or two contact him again. You will be surprised to know how most of the customers convert their ‘no’ into ‘yes’.


Most of the prospective customers aren’t interested in copied things or duplicate items. They prefer it genuine/original. You should enhance your own plus points instead of copying others blindly. Genuine and fresh items always attract others. Therefore develop your own unique style of selling. Originality adds attraction to your personality that helps you to sell more items to more people.


Most of the sales persons have a habit of keeping their minds on their own profit benefits. That is a poor sales-strategy. Others are not there to help you live a good and affluent life. Instead you are there to help them make their life better. Concentrate on how you can provide a good deal to a customer. In that case you will be bombarded with more purchase orders without much effort. What else do you need?


If you believe in yourself and your product (which is the utmost sales strategy) it will naturally vibrate through your words and sentences, having a positive impact on your target. Moreover, you get a winner’s edge – the most sought after marketing trait. Some persons are negative thinkers. They expect failures. It is impossible for them to believe in themselves. Consequently they are unable to convince others and sell their items. The principle of forced belief can start bringing a change. Firmly believe that you are a super salesman and you will definitely succeed. After a period this forced-belief becomes a habit.


You can use dream-technique. It is the easiest technique in the world to give a miraculous transformation to your personality. Give your imagination a free hand. Try to fly in a dream world every night that you have become a super salesman. You are selling your product everywhere. People are flocking to you to become your customers. Just dream, expect nothing, and await the wonders to happen in future.


Anger and aggressive emotions never bring success in marketing. It is better to sit at your home and break household things to get a relief. Don’t pour away these emotions on your prospective customers. They will run miles away from you. Practise sense of humour if you can. It will inject a spark of friendliness in them, making their minds fertile for your sales pitch. In case you are unable to practise this technique even after repeated efforts forget it. At least practise controlling your aggressive emotions. If your mind is determined to achieve its aim it will help you to keep your emotions under control.


It is one of the most effective sales strategies. In addition, the most profitable and the easiest one. Knock at the old doors again. If you really sold quality goods that satisfied the customers then you don’t need new customers everyday. You can revert to your old customers again and again to sell them more and more. Wise salesmen must follow this golden rule of marketing. Many companies forget their old customer by emphasising too much to get new. New ideas and techniques are devised to woo more and more new customers. A feeling of resentment starts building in old customers and it is always harmful for the company.


Everyone is running towards the areas where there is already too much competition. People start feeling bore with repeated requests from all sides. They often opt for well-known brands. It is very difficult to sell new or less-known products here. So pull your neck up the crowd and watch for new territories. Your life may change after a couple of months because you improve your chances of getting many new customers.


Certainly it’s the most difficult task you have to learn. The most powerful marketing gun that most of the salesmen are unable to handle. Whomever you want to sell always find in him something to admire. It seems easy, but becomes the toughest whenever you have to face aggressive, impulsive or abusive people. Now the real test begins. You feel like you are in the oven and you want to make yourself cool with a burst of anger. Instead if you learn to have a shower of cool feelings it will make you a tougher sales person afterwards. Like steel you will become harder. So praise even the hot bricks. They will value you more.


Who wants to listen to the same old news or eat the stale food. In the same why people are fed-up with the same old things being sold to them again and again, and of course in the same old repetitive sales pitch. You can learn a lot from the following two principals of human nature: a) they want new and good things, b) they want some old things to be sold to them in a new way. In fact you should be like good news to them every time. You must have something good to say about your product and for your customer. You will get warm welcome everywhere.

These 10 golden rules will make you a super salesman if you follow them seriously. With their help you will earn millions.

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