Assumptions - How Accurate Are Yours?


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How many times a day do we assume?

How often do we verify the accuracy of our assumptions?

Listed below are examples of common assumptions:

  • You already know that your customer can't afford to buy what you're selling - so, why bother.
  • You know without asking that the person you're talking to is the only one making the buying decisions - so, why qualify?
  • You know that your boss is mad at you by the way he is acting - so, you avoid him/her hoping it will all go away.
  • You know that you're never going to get that promotion - so, why try?
  • You know your significant other so well you don't need to ask him/her what's wrong when they seem bothered.

Its human nature to assume. Each and every one of us engage in a number of assumptions daily. Then we hold our assumptions to be ‘accurate’ and conduct ourselves according to our ‘assumed beliefs. ’ Think about the impact of that. What if our assumptions are wrong?

How many Sales have you missed or lost because you assumed you knew something? How do you ‘benchmark’ the accuracy of your assumptions? Wouldn't it be important to know if they are accurate?

What if:

  • You spent the next 24 hours evaluating your assumptions?
  • You applied dogged determination to know for sure if your assumptions were accurate?
  • You found out during that time that some or most of your assumptions were wrong?

To exemplify this thought - what if your assumptions have been wrong over and over again on the same issues until your assumptions formed an "unbreakable belief system. "

  • You assume you know what the customer wants - do you? How do you know? Or, are you just assuming?
  • You assume the customer can't afford what you're selling. How do you know? Did you ask or assume?
  • You assume you'll never get that promotion. How do you know if you haven't even tried? And, if you tried and didn't get the promotion, at least you will know what to do differently to get the next one.
  • You assume that your significant other just had a bad day at work. How do you know, did you take the time to ask?
  • You assume you know what motivates your current cusomters to buy but you haven't made the sale. Why? Maybe your asssumptions are wrong.

I'm sure you've heard this statement before but if you haven't you need to:


When you assume nothing you ask lots of questions;
When you ask questions you get responses;
When you get responses you qualify for accuracy;
When you qualify for accuracy you're better prepared to understand your customer;
When you truly understand your customer the better your chances of making and keeping the sale;
- And if you don't make the sale, at least you'll know for sure why you didn't.

Stop assuming and start asking! You'll be amazed by the results.

Teri Samuels, CEO - United Sales Training ( ), 20 years as a Professional Sales and Marketing Troubleshooter, Trainer, Recruiter, Upper Level Manager, and Consulting Professional. Dedicated to the “keep it simple" approach.

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Managing Your Team (Part 10) - Why Assumptions Are Dangerous
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