Four Hypnotic Sales Techniques


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What do we mean “Under the Radar”?

Getting under the radar is a way of sneaking in through the back door without anyone noticing. The Stealth Fighter plane is famous for evading the enemy’s radar systems so it can drop its bombs with precision accuracy. Harry Potter is legendary for his invisible cloak which allows him to sneak anywhere un-noticed.

Now if you, like me, believe wholeheartedly in ethical selling. In other words only selling something to someone who genuinely needs it and can afford it. Without a hesitation of doubt…then you need some selling under the radar tips because you can use them with the belief that you’re legitimately helping the customer along the path of the sale.

Now that’s really important to get off my chest because it’s true to say that I honestly believe that if you have the slightest doubt whether to proceed with the sale, then you shouldn’t. Find a customer who truly needs your product or service.

Just like a rolling stone…someone needs to give it a little push first and then it travels a path. Customers sometimes need a little push along the right path and these tips will help you do just that.

Lets start with “under the radar” tip number 1, truisms.


A truism is a statement or sentence that is, without doubt, true and most people will find themselves agreeing to it. They are a great calming skill and all you're doing here is confirming to the customer what is true in their minds and allowing them to go into a state of comfort where there are no hidden surprises.

Simply say things that are true for the customer, Keep them global at first such as

"Its a beautiful day today isn't it?"
“Parking’s a bit tricky in town at this time?"

Then later on you could use some truisms you've found out about the customer such as:

"Your family is a real priority to you aren't they?"
“From the information on the form you obviously keep yourselves fit and healthy"
“Getting a service that will save you time is important to you, don't you think?"

As the customer relaxes and sees that your product is right for them. . .introduce some specific truisms such as:

"So you agree your budget for the package is just under £600 per month?" “You'd like to complete the forms now?"

Notice that I've tagged some of the questions at the end with what we call a ‘yes tag’.

Yes Tags

These are little words at the end of the statements to get a positive “yes" from the customer. Useful to gain a commitment to move the sale along. Yes tags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and I just know you've used them before without knowing what they were called. . . haven't you?

Examples of yes tags. . .

Haven't you
Aren't you
Don't you
Isn't it?
Won't you.

Just put one at the end of a truism, statement and your customer will want to nod their head in agreement.

But I'm sure you'll agree, won't you, that overuse is dangerous Chocolate is lovely in small doses - too much and you can become very queasy indeed. . .
. . . don't you think?

Embedded Suggestions

This one does sound rather rude, doesn’t it? And this is the under the radar tip that is closely related to hypnotic selling.

You see, so much in our lives is automated. Our bodies and minds are on auto pilot constantly as we try to make sense of the signals we’re being bombarded with continuously. We do this because if we had to consciously focus on absolutely everything, we’d probably explode. Our conscious mind can only deal with between 5 and 9 senses at any given time, much less if you’re a man!

So everything else is dealt with admirably by our sub-conscious or behind the scenes brain processing. This is why brands are so powerful. We see Robinsons on the juice bottle and automatically buy it. We’re in the pub and see Stella on show and order a pint without giving it anymore thought, well I do anyway.

This rule of life helps us to understand why all these under the radar tips work but specifically embedded commands.

These are words or short phrases that we slip in with our normal conversation that are ignored but subliminally processed by our customers to have an effect. Here’s some examples:

“I, like many other people, enjoy driving”
“Buy now, Mr Smith, you’re wondering what benefits this product gives you…”
“You, like me, enjoy getting value for your money”
“I’m hoping you’ll want to place an order right now, but before you do…”
“Buy the way, let’s have a quick summary of the benefits of this plan. ”

So there are 5 examples for you of embedded suggestions. You’ll notice, like many other people reading this article, that I mis-spelt buy. It should be by. But the reason I did this was to show you that some words have more than one meaning and the brain has to process all the various meanings before it arrives at the right one. So the customer is thinking about buying without knowing it.

Also I really want the customer to like me, so I embedded the phrase in and at the same time drove home the fact that I like lots of people. The other phrases are just suggestions that I openly stated. These all slip under the radar or into the sub conscious and start working for you.


These are similar to the previous tip but slightly different so they need a separate category. If I said to my 8 year old son, Euan…don’t worry about the carol concert this afternoon, what do you think he’ll think? That’s right he will worry because I’ve suggested he shouldn’t but just by suggesting this I’ve reminded him of his fears.

Likewise if I said to you now please don’t ever consider eating an apple. You’ll consider eating an apple. You can’t stop yourself because your brain has processed the positive before obeying the don’t command. Use this in sales to make suggestions that you don’t want to be accused of later. For example:

“Don’t think for a moment that you need to decide to go ahead today” “I’ll not be asking for the order today”

Good aren’t they? You don’t have to get excited about all of this right now, do you?

Paul is an international speaker, trainer, author and coach based in the UK. He works with companies across the globe to help them increase their sales results. He specialises in rapport selling and rapport sales coaching and can ignite his audiences large or small. Get your free Sales Excellence Ebook Chapter and MP3 download at


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