Does Cold Calling Really Work?: Three Ways to Know the Truth

Daegan Smith

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This belief has long been the contention of many people, especially those who believe that man, being a rational being, is always accountable for his action. They know that they will be rewarded for every good action that they make, and they will be punished for every bad action they did otherwise.

This belief has also been applied to many activities like cold calling.

Basically, people do cold calls if they want to market their product even without knowing who they will call, And as applied, cold calling works on some people, and to some, they just sucks.

In many instances, cold calling really works. However, it is not simply based on trying something because they know they will benefit something from it; and they would continue on believing that it will really do them good even if they did not even tried hard enough.

In some areas, some people would contend that the effectiveness of cold calling really depends on the situation and on the skills of the person doing the job.

Maybe, some people are just lucky. Maybe, some people are born cold callers or sales person. Maybe, it was their day, when they were able to close a sale through the phone. Maybe, just maybe, everything is dependent on your knowledge about what you are doing and on what strategies to use, don’t you think?

This goes to show that the reason why cold calling does not work with other people is because they do not just know how to make cold calls, the true concept of cold calling, and the things that need to be considered before make a cold call.

Therefore, for people who are not yet convinced that cold calling really works and it is just based on some circumstances that cold calling does not work for some people; here is a list of some conditions that will tell you that cold calling really does work:

1. It works when the person who does cold calling knows who your customer or company is.

This does not necessarily mean that you personally know your customer or the company. What is truly being pointed out here is that you should know the pertinent details of your customer or the company. You should know the customer’s background, the company profile, and the nature of the company or the customer so that you will have an insight how great is the probability that they will listen to your sales pitch.

For example, a person who works for a certain direct selling company but does cold calls on the wrong market. What sense does it make talking to people whom you know will not work on you?

Simply put, people will not listen to your sales pitch if you they are not interested on your product. In addition, the reason why they are not interested is that they know that they have nothing to benefit from it.

See the point? It is really important to know your target market before making cold calls.

2. It is important to know that cold calling will be very effective if the person will target on the right person in the company. The higher the position of the person is, the greater the possibilities that you will get where you are heading at.

This means that aside from knowing the target market, people who do cold calling should also know that they have to aim higher. This goes to show that you should not just call people whom you think are connected with your idea or product. It is best if you will talk to the person who is in the authority to decide if ever he will be interested on what you are selling.

For example, a person who is a sales person in a staffing company. According to his analysis, his target market will be interested on his services because he knows that the nature of the company can be associated to what he is selling.

Then, he thought of targeting a certain department in the company, whom he thought would entail the “decision makers. ” The problem is, he called on the department who is responsible for the recruitment of their company. This means that if he will provide them feasible means of getting employees or staff, which would make the department sound inefficient on their work. In turn, it will only make matters worst.

The important thing is to call the highest position in the company like the CEO’s. IN this way, you can get hold of the real decision maker. The point is, when cold calling, you should start from the highest position and not on the lower rank.

3. Cold calling really works if your product will reveal unseen opportunities.

This means that people, who does cold calling, should make it a point that their services and products will reveal some hidden chances or opportunities and would make the company realize that they need it.

It is relatively based on timing. As most sales expert say, the reason why people say no to you is that it is that you are in the wrong time. What matter most is that you have to call again and expect that you will close the sale on that day.

It is the persistence and the knowledge about cold calling that would really attest that it really does work. As most people say, cold calling reflects your passion for the business.

Indeed, there is no other way that would best describe the selling characteristic of a person that what cold calling can do.


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