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Find Out More About a Telemarketer


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Sometimes no matter how many times you tell a telemarketer you are not interested in what they are selling, they don't want to take “no" for an answer. If you have asked them to stop phoning you and requested to be placed on their do-not-call-list, but they are still persistent with calls, you need to find out more about this telemarketer or telemarketing firm, so you can file a solid complaint against them.

Why should you bother finding out more information about a telemarketer? After all, wouldn't it be better and less of a hassle if you simply screened the calls and ignored them? Although this could work, as a phone consumer, you should not have to put up with these unwanted calls. Therefore, instead of hoping the pesky solicitor will take the hint and cease calling you, take matters into your own hands and find out who they really are.

You see, while you may be under the impression that all telemarketers only exist to annoy phone consumers and scam them out of their money, the reality is that legitimate telemarketing companies respect a phone user's privacy, and will stop calling you if you make this request. Therefore, if you are having problems with a telemarketer who won't stop calling, this might not be a lawful solicitor and could very well be a scam artist.

How can you find out more information on a so-called telemarketer? The first thing you should do is try to find out everything you can from the caller. Ask for their name, the name of the company on whose behalf they are calling, their mailing address, phone number, and any other information. Don't be surprised if the person isn't forthcoming with the information.

If you are unable to find out many details from the telemarketer, the Internet is your next best resource. Enter the phone number that appears on your call display (including the area code) into the query box of a reverse phone lookup. If you are unsuccessful at finding results, it could mean that the number does not actually exist and the person calling has been disguising their real phone information with caller ID spoofing technology.

Therefore, the next place to take your search is to a caller complaints site. Plug the number into the search box provided on this site, and you may find that other phone consumers have filed public complaints against this same number. You can compare your experience to theirs, and then do your part to stop telemarketers and annoying calls by filing your own complaint.

Dwayne is an old consumer advocate who has way too much time on his hands (the wife says) so he rants to his audience on Ezine Articles.


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What Happens When A Telemarketer Violates The Do-Not-Call List
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