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Why Telephone Sales Calls Are Doomed To Fail if You Fail To Do This One Thing

Dennis Francis

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I hate making phone calls. I can't stand doing it. . until I start doing it. Do you have to make sales calls to earn money? I used to and still do from time to time. The absolutely hardest thing about it was getting started. It's like going out to run or jog. Once you get past the mental objections and actually get a few dials in, you begin to warm up and talk to a few people, the whole thing feels natural.

That's the problem, the action does not feel natural when you've got to get started. A friend of mine who was my manager taught me that nothing cool happens before the first 100 tries. I also learned that the phone is not the best place to make a sale it's a great tool for getting to know someone's needs and to warm up a person for the gentle art of gaining trust.

Most people won't really get comfortable with a faceless voice on the first go round. The biggest hurdle in phone calls is believing that your can sell anyone that way. The guys and girls in the stock market boiler rooms learn fast or get out of the way. They know that they need to put their prospects through the ringer and qualify them hard. If they get your name on their list and you can't cough up 1ten thousand dollars to get into a hot stock, they are wasting their time.

So I learned that qualifying is a great use of the phone. You can put away a lot of unqualified people and move on the qualified prospects by asking three pertinent questions. Once you do, you'll be able to determine whether the person on the other end is worth the five follow ups that most good sales people do not do.

So I had to cut the prep time that caused most of the procrastination in the morning by prepping ahead of time. Then I had to make absolutely sure that I had my qualifying questions and my responses down.

I began to put his approach to the test by structuring my phone calls the night before. Instead of prepping at the office when it was time to make the call, I was ready and had my list of calls, round on was a list of 100 people that I was going to qualify. No worries, no need to think that they were going to shoot me down if they said no. I had only three simple questions that I was checking off to see if they were ready to identify their biggest problem and if I could give them information on some solutions.

I then followed through with 100 follow up calls to my previous contacts who I was building a relationship with. These people are pre-qualified and were getting information from me. I brought them along the five steps to trust and familiarity. I radically increased my sales and my retention with this technique because I took the pain out of telephone sales calls. I could make two to three hundred dials on my phone days by using this technique. The best way to get started in your phone call session is to have everything ready ahead of time, challenge yourself by qualifying the strangers, follow up with your familiar prospects then close with follow ups with clients. Preparation makes all the difference.

Dennis Morales Francis is a consultant and business coach for Comparative Alternative Medical professionals and wellness practitioners. His website, offers its members online coaching on automating marketing on and off the web. He offers a free book called “Double Your Revenues in 12 Months or Less. " Go to to learn more about generating massive income from your business.


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Telephone Basics For Effective Telephone Sales - Email Vs Phone
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