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Success Using Telemarketing - Even For People Scared of the Phone


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Even if you have fear of the phone, or fear getting rejected on the phone, don't let this stop you from using telemarketing to your advantage in your business. In today's economy, telemarketing is a great opportunity for your business to increase revenue without a lot of initial marketing expense. Here are (3) tips you can use if you fear the phone.

Tip #1- Start warm. First, gather a list of names and numbers from contacts, clients, leads, prospects and anyone you have done business with or that you have had contact with in the past. The idea here is to get a group of 50 or so contacts- even if don't have that many contacts to work with, start with 10, or 20. It doesn't matter, the point is to get a warm list together of people you are familiar with. Second, develop a script. This can be simple and your objective is not to get immediate sales, but to just call, say hello, and follow-up by saying you are ready to assist if they need your product or service. If you can muster the courage, you might ask for a referral, or simply “do you know anyone that might use (insert your product or service)" This tip alone can jump-start your business and will reduce the amount of fear you have talking to people on the phone.

Tip #2- Follow-ups. Use the power of follow-up with prospects and clients. You don't have to sell, just call and mention that you wanted to follow-up after their proposal, visit, appointment, sale etc. You want to just verify they were happy with your product or service and then reinforce the relationship. This call will result in closed sales, happier clients and more business.

Tip #3- Get Help. If you absolutely fear the phone and cannot make these simple calls, hire someone to do it for you, or get an existing employee to do these calls. Find someone outgoing and that has no trouble on the phone. Give them a simple script to follow and you should have a recipe for success. Making these calls will free up your time to do other marketing activities.

These are (3) simple tips you can use to get new business or jump-start your business in 2008 using telemarketing without having to fear rejection by phone.

Timm O'day has used telemarketing successfully for over 10 years in a variety of businesses including insurance and financial services, the mortgage industry, charitable fund raising, service businesses, telecommunications, business products and services and home based businesses . He believes that it is a great method to compliment any marketing campaign. Timm is offering a free telemarketing script for all readers of this article.

You can also get more information on Timm's last telemarketing project at the Telemarketing Case Study & Results


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