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Something to keep in mind each time you make a cold call is that the people you are calling don't want to hear from you! I hate to burst your bubble, but this is true. That is why people develop reflex responses to your initial contact. I'm sure you have often heard things like, “I'm not interested, " or “I don't have the money, " or “We’re happy with our current supplier, " etc. . Do any of those sound familiar?

Eighty percent of all inside sales reps have trouble getting past these initial negative responses. Often times you will hear them saying the worse possible thing to these initial objections—they will repeat them! How many times have you heard someone next to you (or even yourself) say, “You are not interested?" Or, “You don’t have the budget now?" Or, “You all ready have a supplier?" And so on. This is the consummate mark of an unprofessional. Why in the world would you want to affirm a negative?

The way to overcome this is to be prepared for their initial negative responses with your own positive responses. You must realize that when someone says they are not interested, it does not mean that they aren't interested, rather, it is just a reflex response. Nearly every one of your prospects will give you some type of initial negative response. That is just the way it is. People can not be bothered with all the salespeople that are constantly contacting them. So to save time they have developed these initial negative responses to blow off 80% of sales reps that call them.

Now here is the point. Just because they say they are not interested, or that they don't have the money, that doesn't mean they aren't a potential sale! You must recognize these responses for what they are and learn techniques to overcome them. Be careful not to argue with your prospect, nor should you try to defend or overcome these initial responses. Rather, you should always respond with positive rebuttals that are designed to acknowledge their responses, and get you past them and on to your pitch. For example, if you get something like the old favorite,

"I'm not interested. "

Your immediate response could be,

"Some of our best clients felt the same way when we first called them too, however, once we explained how our (service, product, investment) worked, they were glad they listened. "

And then go right back to your script, or format. If they persist with the same negative response, or even then give you a different one, again be prepared with another positive acknowledgement response such as,

"That is perfectly OK, you are still entitled to this information. . . "

And then go right back to your script or presentation. If you get something like,

"I don't have any money now. "

You could respond with,

"I understand and that is one of the best things about this (service, product, investment). . . .

And go right back to your script or format. If they try again with one more reflex negative response, you might say,

"That is exactly why I called, you see when you find out how our (product, service, investment) can save you (list a benefit), I know you will be happy I called. As I was saying. . .

Now go right back to your script or format. Remember what the whole point here is. Your first goal when cold calling is to tell your prospect what it is you are calling about. To establish interest. The biggest problem most inside sales reps make is they believe people’s initial negative responses, and because they are unprepared to deal with them, they end up getting blown off the phone before they even get started. Don't let this happen to you! You can avoid this by learning and using the above rebuttals on each and every call. Use them, or develop others. But always be prepared to overcome your prospect’s initial objections.

Have a powerful week!

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