My Lucky Sales Calling Formula

Steve Martinez

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When my sales management assistant requested an update on a particular account, I didn’t want to make the call. However, I knew if I didn’t make the telephone call, my assistant would hound me until I had an updated status. This is one reason I love my digital assistant.

My computer dialed the telephone number and I waited. The voice over the telephone was different and friendly so I asked for Rodney. Rodney was my contact. The voice on the telephone advised me that Rodney didn’t work there anymore. I was elated and happy to hear this. I think I said something like, “I’m really glad to hear this”. You see, Rodney was my initial point contact for this account and I couldn’t get past him. I was prepared to speak to Rodney in a forceful approach.

Let me back up for a minute. This account is an important account and I am confident they will be interested in my services for sales growth. From my research, I know they can use my services. All I need is an opportunity to speak with the right person. My several attempts created aggravation, since Rodney blew me off each time.

Persistence Pays Back to the call, I learned that the CEO was the voice on the telephone. Initially, my blood chilled to the core when I discovered this. However, this was my opportunity and it was the moment salespeople live for. I needed to collect myself and create a sense of interest and share my reason for calling. Fortunately, I had prepared myself for this situation and my preparation paid off. I’m not really sure what I said, some of it is still a blur. It must have sounded good because, the CEO will review my materials. I was fortunate, the CEO chuckled with me on the telephone regarding my tough time getting through. The CEO told me I was now speaking with the right contact. My 30 second elevator speech paid off and I advised my sales assistant to update this accounts status to a prospect.

My attitude of confidence was high when I made the telephone call and my persistence paid off like it always does. You might say that I was lucky. I don’t think so. It was simply a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. As you make your sales calls, do it with the right attitude because, preparation and opportunity will always bring luck your way.

Steve Martinez is the Founder of Selling Magic. His company is revolutionizing Sales Management and automating the key areas of sales. Ask for a “Sales Analysis" and subscribe to his ezine to Increase sales with the best practices of sales management at


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