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How To Find The Best Toy Wholesalers


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It is not really wise for toy retailers to buy from retail shops to get their supplies for their own store. It is more expensive this way because the prices in wholesale stores are much much cheaper than the resell prices in retail stores. Toy wholesalers play an important role in bridging the gap between toy manufacturers and retailers.

In choosing which kind of toys should be purchased, a toy retailer should keep in mind the safety of the products. More than the appearance and trendy quality, the retailers’ toys should be safe and child-friendly. Some advise not to choose toys with small parts; they could be dangerous, like a choking hazard to toddlers. It is best to stay away from these items. The paint should also be well-finished. It has to be made sure that the paint would not chip off and come with the child’s hand. Other points of quality check are workshop defects, rough edges and surfaces, which are harmful and can cause injury, and hazardous chemicals or materials used.

When finding the best toy wholesalers, the first important thing to do is conduct a little research on the company. Finding out how long have they been existing is a gauge of how stable and credible they are. Retailers should also visit websites and read forum discussions and reviews about the company to know how they are in the business and if they have a good reputation.

As they browse through the website of the toy wholesalers, retailers should observe how customer-friendly the website is. It should be easy to navigate and understand. Customers would not want to accidentally put items in their cart. This is perhaps an aspect of appearance of the online wholesale store that could either make or lose customers.

The next thing to determine is how much they offer their products. Retailers who have already been canvassing would drop a toy wholesaler if the offer is more expensive than their preceding options. On the other hand, if their offer is cheap, the products should still be inspected for quality. Do not be overwhelmed with how cheap their offer is. In most cases, low prices compromise quality although this is not true in all cases.

If toy wholesalers are able to offer a good and reasonable price for their items, the next thing to know is their transaction system. This includes shipping costs, payment terms, type of customer service, return policy, minimum order requirements and the like. It is important to know these things as retailers and wholesalers will be having an important business transaction with each other. If these things are not clear, a retailer can give the toy wholesaler a call and discuss these things with them.

Upon the arrival of the order, the items should be checked for damages. There are some toy wholesalers with a poor shipping system. Some toys are just fragile and should be packaged safely and securely. If there are damaged products, the supplier should know immediately.

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Wholesalers and the Protocols
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