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Increase Retail Sales in Four Easy Steps

Danielle Lavallee Wasson

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Every single one of our retail customers asks us how to increase their store traffic when times are slow. Many go down the same road; they participate in blitz advertising and then wait to see who comes through the door. Others spend a fortune in advertising, but still fail to close the sale. Here are four basic and easy steps to implement to increase your store traffic and your sales.

Step one: Consistent and appropriate effort in advertising is imperative. If you are going to advertise only once a year, it better be the best ad in the world because people forget very quickly. So concentrate on not concentrating and advertise all the time. Unless you are a wiz in marketing, do not try to create your own ad. Look at your best competitors’ ads and then outclass them, ask your suppliers to help out or hire a professional. Also analyze your advertising efforts by asking people how they found you. Dump the venues that fail and increase the ones that work.

Step two: If they do not come to you, go to them! Think out of the box. How many times have you heard this one! In this case, we mean it literally; get out of your own brick and mortar. Go set up temporaries in alternative locations; participate in trade or retail shows, join local associations and offer to give free seminars on your own success stories, network, network, network and make your employees network. Talk about your products and services to everyone you meet. Write free articles for the local paper to use. They are always looking for material to print. Basically get out there and promote your business.

Step three: We had one customer tell us our ads did not work because people came into their store and no one bought anything. . . News Flash! GET GOOD SALES PEOPLE and pay well to hold on to them. Without real dedicated salespeople, your business will not flourish. Maybe you are the best salesperson; in that case, fill the ten other positions that you do yourself with the appropriate staff. You don't have to do it all. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses and don't be afraid to ask your employees to strive to be better.

Step four: Outclass your competitors and ask for referrals. This does not mean you should wear tuxedos, it does mean however, that you should have a clean attractive store staffed with knowledgeable staff and a business philosophy to out-service your competitors at every turn. If you are the best, people will not hesitate to recommend you to their friends. Pay for referrals, offer incentives and store coupons for referral business.

The steps above are not difficult to implement, they are however essential and in no particular order. Continuously working on your business to ensure its survival is essential in today's highly competitive markets.

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