Resume Do Nots: Avoid Resume Mistakes To Get More Interviews

Carl Mueller

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Here are some tips and considerations to avoid making resume mistakes that can cost you.

1. Don’t obsess about the length of your resume, focus on the content but do keep in mind that most people will get by with a 2 page resume. A third page should really only be used when absolutely necessary.

2. Don’t include personal information in your resume such as age, hobbies or things of that nature. The goal of your resume is to get an interview not a date. Keep it professional.

3. Don’t include any references to salary – your current salary or desired salary – in your resume.

4. Don’t use personal pronouns such as “I” or “Me” or “My” in your resume.

5. Don’t simultaneously email your resume to multiple recruiters or hiring managers in the same email. Send emails to individual contacts, one at a time, addressed to the specific person you are sending it to.

6. Don’t “forget” that you no longer work for a company. If you have left the company, don’t make it look on your resume like you are still working for the company. Include accurate start and end dates for each job you have held.

7. Don’t embellish (ie. lie) on your resume if you’re not prepared to have to explain yourself when you’re caught.

8. Don’t ask a recruiter to submit your resume for a job that you’ve already applied to yourself or through another recruiter.

9. Similarly, don’t keep sending your resume to the same company over and over again. Observe their rules: if they say that they keep resumes on file for 6 months, then believe them. You don’t need to send your resume every 2 weeks.

10. Don’t apply for jobs you have no chance getting. There is a difference between submitting your resume to a company for consideration should a relevant job arise, and submitting your resume for a specific advertised job that you are not suited for. Learn to tell the difference otherwise hiring managers will be hitting “delete” the moment your emails arrive.

11. Don’t list your references on your resume. They can be provided to the employer when the time comes. Plus, if you are using recruiters, they will most likely make a note of your references and contact them if they have a job that might suit them.

12. Don’t send additional materials when submitting your resume for a job. If you need to supply educational transcripts or other materials, you can supply them when asked.

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