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Manager Cover Letter Sample


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When applying for a job, especially for a managerial position, it is important to prepare for a good resume, attached to a cover letter that will impress the employer. Some people often just submit a resume as the employer asked for only that, however, it is proper business etiquette to always attach the resume to a well thought of and well written cover letter even if it is not required.

Cover letters have four major sections. A complete manager cover letter sample would show you these sections: the header, the introduction, the body and the closing. The header includes the date when the letter was created, the name and address of the recipient, and the salutation. The introduction includes short information on how you came to know that there was an opening in their organization. This is also the time to write something that would catch the employer's interest. The next section, the body of the letter, is about all your accomplishments and the reasons why they should hire you amongst other applicants. Easily put, here is where you sell yourself. Then the last section is the closing, where you let the employer know what your next steps are. This also includes the signature line, usually “Sincerely Yours, " and then your signature, complete name, address and contact information.

For aspiring managers, for example if you are applying for an office manager position, there are specific areas that can be customized in the body section that can target your skills and abilities as a manager. Finding a good manager cover letter sample can help you with writing a good cover letter that could land you a nice paying job.

As mentioned above, the body of a cover letter is where you would put in, in summary, all of your accomplishments related to the position that you are applying for, in this case, the managerial position. You can start of by mentioning where you have graduated, “After finishing my Masters in Business Administration degree in 2005 at the University of _", then you can state where you were first employed. Then if applicable, state briefly the other organizations you have been involved with, including your current employment status. You can do this by writing, “I have worked for _, _, and currently, I am the general manager of _. " Then you proceed with the next paragraph where you give an in depth explanation of your skills and how best suited you are for the position that they are trying to fill. You can start this by writing, “Below are some highlights of my accomplishments and skills that make me suitable for the position offered:" and then you can start enumerating your experiences, responsibilities in your current and previous work functions. You can then go to the last paragraph and provide the recipient an idea of what you plan to do next. You can write, “I will be waiting for your kind response, " or “I will contact you for follow up. "

The manager cover letter sample that you refer to can make or break your application so be careful in choosing the template that will serve as a guide for you. You can either search online or purchase books on cover letters.

Mark W. Mattey is a Special Seminars Instructor for Employment & Employment Services. He has also writes publishes for the Employment & Careers Industry. Mattey has been assisting people in the employment and interview process and protocols for more than 15 years. To find out more about manager cover letter samples and manager cover letter examples visit his website.


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