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This is to catch attention of all the professionals around, regarding their attempts to career advances. I felt the need for writing such an article because:

Yesterday, I sent a mail seeking resumes of all of interested guys for a technical job opening at the organization, where I am working. I received responses from 4-5 people by the time of writing this article and was really disappointed to see the resumes attached therein. In my view, your resume is your first impression upon your employer, and I am sure, no one intends to spoil his/her first impression. I saw a number of blunders in those resume, which could be sufficient reasons for an employer to reject your profile into the trash. I am trying to articulate them, and requesting you all to first look at the body of anything you write before you send it to anyone else, be it your resume.

* Run a thorough spell-check on your resume. [very important, and I found many mistakes]

* Read it completely and let any one else with good semantic knowledge of English read it, to check the flow in it. [I found titles of projects and trainings, not matching the description. ]

* Don’t write much (don’t create fuss over) about the small and irrelevant details, because you need to be packed with the explanation for those things at the time of personal or technical discussion.

* Elaborate on the projects, which seem relevant to the particular opening. They increase chances of your profile selection.

* Don’t repeat) the description of the projects with each project being added in your profile. They have to different somehow! I saw this peculiar thing is the resume, I am attaching herewith.

* Highlight those skills, which you really have!) Otherwise, interviewer having better knowledge on the subject may screw you anytime during your interview. For example, writing, Reading, as your hobby may attract a good discussion between you and interview. That may end up exasperating you if you don’t have guts or wits to justify all that.

* Have a specific career objective, which really shows your interest in joining that particular company and highlight your some particular skills matching their requirements, if possible.

* Write a cover letter, especially for a particular opening, if possible. More importantly, don’t let your friend copy your cover letter, if he is going to apply for the same post in same company.

Vikas Agarwal
Views and Ideas (A peculiar perspective)

Vikas Agarwal is a 22 years old Indian, computer engineer by education and profession. He writes because he loves to. In addition to writing about electronic publishing he is involved in a great deal of web design, mull over antiquated and dilapidated camping stoves and walk the occasional Mumbai streets path. He reads a lot, fiddles with hammers and screwdrivers once in a while, and generally likes to have his hands occupied. He has got a furtile mind and his fingers speak what his minds yields.

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The Purpose Of A Resume: Don't Forget The Goal
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