Five Tips To Improve Your Resume

Milton Drepaul

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Why is it that although most of us know to write we hate doing our own resume? I think it goes back to unhappy writing experiences at school or college. Most of us resented the discipline needed to create good writing. We wanted writing to be like conversation. We didn't like proof reading for errors and editing to gain clarity.

Although there is a 5 per cent group who naturally love writing, like public speaking most of us would prefer if someone else did the task of writing.

Your resume, however, is a very powerful tool in projecting on paper what you as a person can do. It is like your personal ad. It is worth working on.

Your first tip- Always have a job objective. The first thing the reader must see after your personal info is the position you are looking for. This shows a potential employer that you are clear about your career goals and know exactly what you want in the job world.

My second tip is - Write using powerful action words. This is one of the best ways to get an employer's interest. So instead of saying you were ‘ responsible for’ write that you ‘directed’ or ‘managed'a project. Words have energy and your reader must feel that you were active and energetic through your written description.

Third Tip-Use bullets effectively. Bullets catch the reader's eye, break up text into manageable bits, make more white space and enhances the visual appeal of your resume. So definitely use bullets to force the employer to focus on your achievements, skills and qualifications.

Fourth Tip-Be selective and zero in on each job. I dislike generic resumes. Take the time to revise your resume to relate specifically to one job at a time. Ruthlessly review your material and distill the information that laser focuses on a particular job. For example, certain items may have to be omitted because you would appear over qualified for a certain post. Leave out anything that might cause you NOT to be invited for an interview.

My final tip-Don't be afraid to ask for the services of a professional. Some people enjoy helping others to write well and project a power image. They are experienced and know the right questions to ask to elict the required information on a resume.

As with all professional services interview your expert to see whether he or she is the right fit for you. Ask questions on the service and be sure you have got someone who understands you and your needs.

Milton Drepaul is co-author of CXC English and CXC English B . He is an Educator, Writer, Business Consultant and Resume Expert. Clients can view his website at


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Four Fast and Easy Ways to Improve Your Resume
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