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The only reason you must create a knock-'em-dead resume is to get a job interview.

That's it. Nothing fancy. If you don't get an interview, your resume failed you. Specifically, if you don't get an interview for each job you're targeting seriously, your resume failed you.

So why is it important to create a resume? Because you won't get an interview without a resume. It's not the only thing you need (a laser-focused cover letter is most important), but you don't even get in the door without one.

You have to understand how movers and shakers think. They want a solid team of key players. They don't want to waste time on folks that “might" be good, one day, if given enough help. They usually don't want diamonds in the rough. They'd prefer to nice shiny, extremely valuable ones, preferably for cheap.

When somebody opens the envelope with your cover letter and resume in it, he will

  • Study your cover letter to see if you're already a key player who understands his needs
  • Glance at your resume to see if the raw material is there behind the cover letter highlights
  • Decide to call you in for an interview or not

If there's no resume behind the killer cover letter, the process short-circuits at step 2. Obviously, step 3 is the one you want to get to, but now the bridge is out!

Even though your resume isn't the main attraction, you have to have one, and it has to prove you're the best candidate for the job. It's just how the game is played.

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