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Carla Vaughan

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In a combination resume you have the option of highlighting your skills and abilities, who you worked for, or your educational background.

This is a good style to use if you like to have the flexibility to put your information in a format that suits your background, your tastes and your style. It is also a good resume if you like to have the ability to tweak things easier for certain employment situations.

No two jobs are created alike, so no two resumes will likely be the same, either. Be sure to target your resume to the specific position you are seeking, too. State your job intent clearly in the Objective section, then follow through with every statement on the resume geared toward the position you are seeking.

Choosing the style of your resume is certainly important. As with any resume format, you have to make the best first impression possible. Just be sure it allows for you to accomplish what you need to.

You get – maybe – 30 seconds to make a good impression with your resume, right?. If you do not capture the attention of the reader FAST, you won’t catch it at all. A first impression is made very quickly.

Using the combination format, you have the ability to disguise certain parts of your personal history that you don’t want highlighted. You have a multitude of options to place the focus where you want it or shift the focus away from something that isn’t quite as vital (but still needs to be listed on the resume).

When designing your resume, be sure to clearly identify what each section is in regards to so that the hiring manager can identify pertinent information readily. He or she will want to hone in on information that is applicable to the particular position they have open.

Typically, most people who use this format detail their skills and achievements first, and then list their employment history and education in reverse chronological order.

Just be sure that you are speaking to the employer's needs and not your own. How does your resume convey your desire to work hard and succeed? You have to use Keywords to stand out and show that you are a person of ACTION.

Give employers what they want: Results in a format that is easy to read and makes an impact.

Good luck!

Carla Vaughan Owner/Webmaster

To learn more about this resume format, click here: Combination Resume Format

Carla Vaughan is the owner of, a web site devoted to assisting candidates in the job-search process. She holds a B. Business from Southern Illinois University and has authored several books.


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