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Cover Letter Examples Top Tips For Job Seekers

Lisa Galloway

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Preparing for your job search requires many steps but one of the most critical is having an amazing resume and a great cover letter you can send to prospective employers. However, those cover letters can be a true challenge to create, especially if you're not the most confident writer - and that includes most of us.

The answer for you might be using cover letter examples to give you an edge.

What is a Cover Letter Example?
Basically, a cover letter example is a well-written letter to an employer that includes all of the important pieces of information you should include, comes in the proper format, and showcases exactly what works in cover letters. You would then use these cover letter examples as models or even templates for your own masterpiece.

What are the Benefits of Using Cover Letter Examples?
One of the best benefits is that you'll get to see a great example of what someone else has written and that will help inspire you to write your own effective cover letter. Without a good example to look at, most of us just aren't really sure what to include or even how to start our cover letters. That means we could sit all day in front of the company without writing anything while all of our job opportunities slip away.

Another benefit is that the cover letter examples can help us to better organize our content. Many people struggle with the ability to organize their thoughts on paper. They may jump around from one idea to another or fail to transition properly from one topic to another. While this might be permissible when we're writing emails, blog entries, or text messages, potential employers are looking for clarity and coherence in the cover letter. If you can't display these abilities, then you might get the job.

However, the cover letter examples can work almost like templates. They are well-organized so all you have to do is replace the content with your own unique information. It's definitely a lot easier and faster than starting from scratch.

Finally, cover letter examples will help you correctly format your content. In business, content is only half the picture, the format and presentation is also critical. If the potential employer takes one look at your cover letter and isn't happy with how it looks, it will end up in the trash in a heartbeat.

With an example to look at and to use as a template, you'll be able to easily format your own cover letter just by substituting the information just as you've done with the rest of the content. You won't have any questions about the letter style to use or about how many spaces to leave between the salutation and the body or what type of punctuation to use after the closing. All the answers will be right there in the example to help you.

The bottom line is that cover letter examples are intended to be a source of guidance for you as you begin writing cover letters and start hunting for that next great job.

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