3 Common Job Interview Questions


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Job interview questions vary widely across organizations and depend on the nature and attributes of the job on offer. However, there are some typical questions that are invariably asked by almost all interview boards. If you are prepared with their responses from before, you can present them flawlessly in a structured manner and create a good impression. Take a look at these 3 most common job interview questions:

1. Describe Yourself: To have a first hand idea about you, your interviewers may want you to give a short description about yourself. Have a good answer prepared for this covering all aspects of your background, your educational attainments, your professional exposure, your family and your personal interests like reading books, listening to music, taking photographs etc. Don’t draft it like a speech. Deliver it in the manner of a conversation, smiling occasionally and taking short pauses. All the while, maintain eye contact with the interviewer. If somebody in your family was in the company or in the sector where your company operates, make a humble reference and tell them that you owe your inspiration to him or her for a role in the organization or sector.

2: Your Interest for this job: You have to convincingly demonstrate in this response that you are the fittest candidate for this position. So, know the requirements of the job as much as possible and relate your background, achievements and future aspirations to them. You have to impress upon them that since you meet all the requirements of the job and have capacities to add more value to the output, you are particularly interested for this job. Tell them that you have been regularly watching for this vacancy notification and have taken tips from experts about getting prepared for the selection process. The interviewers have a great possibility of being impressed with your sincerity and attachment.

3: Your expectations: Tell them honestly and clearly what are your expectations from the job. Satisfying job content, good working environment, nice colleagues, attractive pay and perks, some amount of authority and independence, avenues to grow higher up are the common contentions. Don’t talk big. It’s always better to place a conservative expectation profile.

There are many other typical questions that can be found on career advice sites. Take note of them and be prepared.

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5 Questions To Ask At Your Next Job Interview
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