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Star Trek Online - Demo Plans and patch details


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Developer Cryptic, and publisher Atari announce for the seventh May a free game time and rewards for long-term players of Star Trek Online who will also buy sto energy credits from many websit.
On 7 May is a demo version of Star Trek Online(STO) and a veteran system for loyal players at the start. The demo will give players the ability to indefinitely, but with restrictions to the “Star Trek Online" universe to sniff. Play will be available from Friday.
The veterans system provides 100 days you spend in the “Star Trek Online" universe and various extras: For example, the title of “Faithful followers, " or the ability to distribute your skill for nothing new.

the makers of the online role-playing game Star Trek Online to deliver with Season 1 - Update 1 Others new game options and soon will offer a demo version.

There are about three months after the release of Star Trek Online is now concrete statements on a demo version of the online role-playing game. On the official website announces the developer Cryptik a trial version of the game, an exact date is still pending. Meanwhile, former Star Trek to women returning to online players this coming weekend (7 to 10 May) in a time-limited free trial offer and play the whole weekend. Players, the Star Trek Online, have so far kept faith can look forward to special veteran rewards.

On this occasion, you can also try the same innovations that Cryptic with the Season One, Update on One-Patch 29.4. has partly filled. So you can now tackle the instances in different levels of difficulty - with the exception of the Special Task Force missions. Normally corresponds to the usual settings. Advanced is for experienced players who seek a greater challenge and is deprived of the absolute elite professionals. Depending on what level you play the missions, others are waiting for rewards.
Season One, Update One thing leads but even more new features:

Connected with the severity, there are now penalties for the revival of the game. If players in the advanced or elite mode die, they may suffer injury under certain circumstances. It gitb different types of injuries, ranging from small disturbances to severe restrictions. The cure is the more expensive the more serious the violation fails. Injuries are to disappear after 30 minutes of play, and may be treated with special components for characters with regenerators and for cruises. Regenerators and components can be purchased from dealers of both factions.
Car Fire
Players can now weapons once they have been fired once, set by right-clicking to auto-fire. sometimes, they use sto energy credits or sto credits for improving their level, which is very effective.
The complete, very extensive list of the changes of Season One, One update can be found on the second page of this news.


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