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Peter TerHorst

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In the PR world, it is a well-kept secret that some business owners and professionals are often the best people to conduct their own PR. Why? It’s not surprising that many PR agencies would like to have this business. Yet sometimes, the best service a PR agency can provide a new client is to help them do their own PR.

A good example is the role of spokesperson.

Every business, profession or non-profit benefits from having a spokesperson. The right person brings credibility to the organization’s mission. And often, the best spokesperson is the individual who started the business and continually invests their own sweat-equity into the organization’s success. They have experience putting their best foot forward before lenders, community leaders, clients and customers. Most founders also have a keen sense of where the market is moving with respect to their products or services. With a little coaching, it only stands to reason that they can speak most effectively for their cause.

What forms can do-it-yourself PR take? Many civic organizations, professional groups and trade associations seek weekly or monthly speakers who can plainly discuss their business, trade, or profession. Local community colleges and universities often seek guest speakers for their students. Another excellent opportunity is found in the written word: guest editorials in the local newspaper or an industry trade journal can establish the author as an expert in their field. Local radio and television news provide another outlet for expert commentary. In the electronic media, don’t overlook the power of web-based PR services. A well-written press release provides a voice for an organization and, for as little as $30, will be picked up and distributed by search services such as Google and Yahoo - Internet powerhouses that feed news companies and freelancers around-the-world.

All well and good you may say, but how do you get started? Seek out the services of a PR professional and ask them to help you craft a practical strategy with logical steps that will take you from novice to PR spokesperson in a manner that best suits your talents. Maybe you’re not a good writer; no worries, a good PR pro can ghost-write for you, or take up the slack in another area.

With time and a little effort, you will soon see success –- perhaps enough to engage your trusted PR company on a full-time basis.

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