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Top 3 Tips to Increase Soy Candle Sales Using Press Releases


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A well written press release will bring potential sales to your product line of soy candles in several ways. By making your candles known through a press release, you expose your company to the eyes of potential buyers and the media at the same time. Plus, a well optimized press release can bring targeted traffic to you business by using a combination of the right keywords and interesting content to draw readers.

When you have decided on a topic of interest for your press release and have a list of the keywords that you want to use to optimize the information, remembering these three tips will make the difference between a successful press release and just another press release:

1-Make a List, Check it Twice: A press release is formatted with specific information in expected places. If your press release lacks the needed contact information or a dazzling headline (or if you headline is too long!), then you may loose readers due to ineffectual presentation. A quick internet search can give you some very reliable press release templates, so do not sell your efforts to gain exposure for your soy candle line short by using an improper format.

2-SEO to Go: When you write your copy for your press release, be sure that you include your major keywords sprinkled throughout the body of the copy. Although your press release will be read by a human audience, if it is presented online, either through a press service, a blog, or your website, those keywords will also be what draws search engine traffic to you. In order to draw the most targeted search engine traffic, try using words that are specific to your company as well as general in your industry. For instance, in your copy, you might use the words “wholesale soy candles" as well as “soy candles" and “wholesale candles". Further, be sure that you approach different markets in your press releases. Like, if you want to target restaurants or florists, be sure you include those keywords too.

3-Know Who is Listening: Many people find a press release hard to write because of the multitude of audiences that read a press release. Simply remember that when you create a press release about your products, you are telling a story to interest anyone who picks up the press release. Be factual, but be enthusiastic about what you are writing. For example, there is a difference between the headline “New Soy Candle fragrance brings passion to Valentines Day" and “Soy candle company sells candles". The only thing these two headlines share in common is using an important keyword in the headline! Do not be afraid to make the copy interesting to your reader and it will not matter who reads your press release.

To successfully write a press release about your products, be cognizant of the mixture of keywords and information. Never write a press release that is strictly fluff or promotion. Use your press releases to optimize your search engine efforts and bring important information to your readers.


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Press Releases - The Questions Journalists Ask When They Get Your Press Release
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