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Automation in Steel Fabrication Processes

Uday Patel

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Automation simply refers to technology that does not require human participation in a given process. The automation is brought about by various types of control systems, software, electrical and electronic mechanisms, and other applications. And of course we cannot leave behind the digital technologies. Some of the processes in the industry have been completely automated while others are semi automated.

Modern manufacturing units use complicated systems to bring in control for automated process and eliminate or reduce man power thus saving time and crucial resources. The application of automated process is strategic as well as in keeping with the contemporary trends.

The drastic but productive changes that have been brought about by automation have affected positively the steel fabrication industry as well. It has brought about a revolution that has increased productivity and profitability. The technology has shortened many process part of fabrication in the fab shops. The processes of cutting and bending have been further streamlined and can be executed with human supervision. With further advancement in technology brought about by research and development we are going to witness further changes. The process of fabrication is going to become much faster and well organised.

3 D printing is another technology being incorporated by fabricator in order to make product prototypes, tools and structures. The growth of fabrication industry depends much upon the end use industries such as construction, aerospace and automotive. From simple process units the industry is now highly cyclical and dynamic.

Simulation using software can emulate real time process completely. The tools offer insight regarding complexities in the processes, use of resources and interdependencies between various operations. Computer simulation can provide quick assessment of various process parameters leading to advance in the fabrication processes.

In countries like USA where automation has been largely implemented the production is much better than the countries that are lagging behind in these technologies. It is the fear of the systems being too complicated that keeps away the fabricators from implementing them. Progressive outlook is the need of the hour. All reputed steel fabricators should implement automation in their process. Upgrading and accepting new technologies is essential for survival in the cut


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