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An Outline on Lean Manufacturing


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Lean Manufacturing is an integrated and inclusive set of guidelines and procedures for improving and optimizing production processes. In simple terms it can be defined as a systematic approach or management practice to identify and eliminate waste in any operations that can further help in improving the basic operation more effectively. It is a management philosophy that aims at the elimination of waste in all business processes through Kaizen. Derived in Japan, particularly from the War Manpower Commission which resulted in Toyota Production System, this concept has benefited many leading firms in many countries. This term “Lean Manufacturing" also represents human effort in the firm and hours spend in creating any new product in less time.

It is important to note that the aim of this concept is successfully attained through human resources and by using the various machines as tools to meet the goal. Though it requires some extra effort on every person participating on the process, one major advantage for workers is that provides them the opportunity to play a major role in the company's decision making process. In order to perform better operations and avoid waste, employees or workers are dynamically involved in offering suggestions and taking action, and this degree of employee involvement further helps in improving employee performance.

At present most of the world's leading manufacturing companies are taking interest to turn their conventional manufacturing systems into lean manufacturing as many of them are stunned by the simplicity and the effectiveness of the lean techniques. It is totally opposite to traditional manufacturing approaches that are mostly characterized by excessive use of economic order quantities and high inventory. It imparts a better and effective control over everyday activities and also reduces the cycle time. Apart from this it also help in synergizing various departments. Rather than considering each subdivision as an individual firm, this technique is more likely to bind all the concerned subdivision in one binding unit thereby working positively on the overall organization's performance. No doubt, today “Lean", is the latest buzzing word in manufacturing world, and every big or small firm from varied segments of the industry are implementing lean manufacturing systems and installing lean manufacturing software that can further facilitate the process in an effective manner.

Now as lean manufacturing system aids you in achieving maximum return on investments within the minimum frame of time, it is important to understand that to attain total success one has to be very careful regarding different range of factors related to lean manufacturing software. This is where lean manufacturing consultants play a vital role and can help you in executing this new system in an effective manner. An effective consultancy from a lean manufacturing consultant can restructure your business by assisting you in minimizing the wastes at different stages of the manufacturing process. Moreover, a valuable lean manufacturing consultancy can transform the mode you do the manufacturing business. Here are some of the other advantages of availing the services of lean manufacturing consultants:

  • Professional assistance on best practice for your specific business need.

  • Training material for your employees.

  • Professional assistance on the proper and effective usage of lean manufacturing software that can better suit to your business needs.

  • Information on latest happenings and updates required to be done in the field.

    Lean manufacturing is an operational approach and if it is executed appropriately, it will provide a new aspect to competing, like developing high quality products and delivering them with unmatched lead times. For the enterprise dedicated to maintain effectiveness in all business, lean manufacturing can prove to be a good management practice. A lean manufacturing is a new technique that can provide companies with the tools to survive in the market and meet the global demand for higher quality products with quicker production time at minimum cost.

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    Lean Manufacturing Consulting and What To Expect
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