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Are You Suffering From Role Confusion in Your Goal to Improve Productivity?

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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This morning at 4:30am cst I was reading the morning paper as I do every Monday through Friday. One of the columns that caught my eye was a movie review by Roger Ebert specific to National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Ebert criticized the movie for not being real in context. Excuse me, Roger, reality check, it is a work of fiction, it is not supposed to be real! Star Trek anyone?

Then I started thinking about how often in our daily lives as we do what we do that we become confused in our own roles. This leads to us to focusing on much of what we cannot control. The end result is that our productivity falters and we do not achieve those predetermined goals and waste a lot of personal resources of time, energy, emotions and let's not forget money.

One of the activities that I take all my business coaching clients through is the Sphere of Control. I have them draw one small circle, then another circle around the small one and finally a third circle that holds the first two. The smallest circle is labeled “What I Can Control, " the next circle is marked “What I Can Influence" and the largest circle is labeled “What I Cannot Control. "

When we look at our lives, where do we invest most of our time in circle 1, 2 or 3? For most people, the response is the third circle “What I Cannot Control. " Take a moment to think about your own actions. Why do you focus most of your resources?

This happens because we are simply confused due in many cases to a lack of a strategic plan , departmental plan or personal action plan , lack of written goals, lack of vision, purpose and values statements.

Our confusion creates poor or less than stellar productivity. Maybe this is why so many business executives have invested in executive coaching to help them maintain clarity of purpose and therefore clarity of actions or behaviors.

If your productivity is not at the level you desire or if the productivity of your employees is not at the level that you desire, then maybe part of the issue is confusion. No amount of new knowledge or traditional job specific skill training and development will lesson this confusion.

You and your people will need to take some time develop specific to self leadership skills or what some call strong interpersonal skills through the creation of new attitudes or habits of thought. This action can be very effective if you embrace a business training and coaching model. And then watch your productivity soar along with your bottom line.

What are your productivity goals? Do you have a plan? And would that plan have greater value if it was on just one page? Visit to learn more.


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