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Leaders Increase Employee Productivity by Setting Examples and Leading not just Managing

Lori Wilk

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One of the best examples I can give you comes from experience of helping a “new Supervisor" consider her position and leadership options. This supervisor had almost 20 years of experience as an hourly employee in a major corporation.

As an hourly employee, she was very dedicated, she knew the product and services to be provided to the customer. Her main concern was that she didn't want to spend the rest of her years of employment without the experience of becoming a supervisor or manager. She applied for the management level position and with her employee record and seniority, she was promoted.

As a manager, this woman didn't realize that she had the absolute responsibility to set the leadership example. What did I observe? Her smoking habit was definitely continuing as a habit, so she needed frequent smoking breaks.

I asked about what she was doing to help her gain leadership skills? She said, " nothing. " I asked her what she was doing about reading books, magazines, newspapers, and finding good topics of discussion with team members? She wasn't reading, hadn't read anything, and didn't want to consider advancing her knowledge base or opening up great paths of discussion with anyone.

If you guessed that she did not make it in management and never advanced in leadership, you'd be correct. Leaders set the tone and make decisions that will help the future of the company and their own future. Reading whether online or actual books, magazines, and other material are required to stay ahead of the competition.

Lori Wilk, MBA, is a motivational speaker, trainer, and author of self-help and business books. Lori hosts the internet talk show called “Successipes" which is archived at htto:// You can also visit . c.2007. Lori Wilk. All rights reserved Worldwide. Reprint rights: You may reprint this article if you do not alter it in any way, give author name recognition, keep all links active, and follow the Ezinearticles Publisher guidelines.


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