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The main purpose of outsourcing is to provide companies with services that they are often unable to give much attention to because of much more preoccupation with operational, transactional activities regarding the nature of their business which they need in order to progress.

Outsourcing takes place whenever a company chooses a consultant or application service provider to manage components of its internal IT structure, staff, processes and applications. Which allows the organization to remain focused on its business goals, and not worry of back office operations are being managed smoothly by a specialized third party company

Outsourcing provides call centers who deals with human resources frees the company from the chore of dealing with their clients and gives them a more strategic role, allowing them to focus on higher value-added activities as the outsourcing vendor takes care of the day-to-day administration.

>From that we can see how outsourcing had became a very big help in most industries. Together with this, it also gave way to globalization. Which is the process of developing, manufacturing, and marketing software products that are intended for worldwide distribution. This term combines two aspects of the work: internationalization (enabling the product to be used without language or culture barriers) and localization (translating and enabling the product for a specific locale). This two terms are both new words from this fast pace world where we are in. They are said to describe the trend of the future.

Aside from the ones stated above, there are a some more advantages that were seen with the rise of the outsourcing industry. Companies are also ensured of quality service coming from skilled and trained man power at extremely lower rates that will lead to an increase in productivity and save costs in a major way.

They can also be of access of the advanced technologies at lower rates, Also of benefit is when companies select the right BPO destination where they can save up on taxes in turn cutting their costs. And primarily we can say that outsourcing definitely helped in boosting economic growth all around the world like a chain reaction. By the help of outsourcing companies were able to focus more in their productivity which much to their satisfaction increased their progress capacity.

With all of those being said we can now see how outsourcing industry was able to change the whole world with such a short period of time since it started out. Before, it was just a back up solution, now its an answer to almost everything we can think of.

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The Times They are a Changing, The new face of SIA Door Supervisors
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