Outsourcing, Virtual Teams and Cybermediaries - Part 2

Stuart Oliver

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With the advent of technology such as Jyve Pro, it is possible for us, all of us, to sell our time over the internet. We all have something that is of value to someone. From the examples above, perhaps you could provide a review of an emailed x-ray in a discussion on Skype. You could tutor children, anywhere, in your particular area of expertise. Or you could provide legal advice. Maybe you an expert in how to remove red wine stains from cream coloured carpets. Regardless of what it is, there is value and you just need to know how to find the market for it and commodotise it.

The value in all of these can be delivered via voip, with minimal infrastructure cost, and charged on a time basis. This type of technology will allow us to be more efficient, work far more flexibly and commodotise far more of our knowledge than has ever been previously possible. This is the future. This is Fractional Work.

So where do intermediaries come in all of this? What's not going to work in a distributed work environment is everyone searching for everyone. This takes time and therefore costs money. Bring in the intermediary. Intermediaries will broker introductions and deals, in a similar way to recruitment companies operate now (although hopefully much better). The difference? They will be virtual, you don't need to meet with anyone, you just need a need.
Online Intermediaries are the millionaires of the future. People with truly global reach who understand both their clients requirements and their associates value offering.
This is not a new concept. Sarkar, Butler and Steinfeld wrote about this in their paper on cybermediaries . Camrass and Farncombe referred to this role as the Webspinner in their book The Atomic Corporation .

Establishing yourself as a cybermediary will be easy, perfecting it will not. The early adopters will gain a swift and massive advantage over their competitors that will be difficult if not impossible to react (successfully) to. If you're interested in being ahead of the game, get in touch.

Now there is only one thing left that can make this fail in it's entirety - trust. You will need trust before you're willing to offer an individual some work. You will need trust before you engage with an intermediary. The quicker you do this, the quicker you will win clients. Now you're building a reputation, this creates implicit trust with potential new clients. Now all you've got to do is keep up.
Clearly, there is a killer app’ - Trust is the killer app

PS: The team of us at Winning By Sharing are a virtual team with geographic spread and all involved in various different ventures.

My background and experience is mainly project management within diverse environments such as large corporate financial institutions, medium-sized technology consultancies and smaller start-ups. Having held positions including Operations Director (COO) and Head of Process Management, I recently decided that the time is right to take a calculated risk and leave corporate life for good…the entrepreneurial side of my character is prevailing.

My focus is on becoming an “Un-natural Entrepreneur”. I want to work with people and companies that have vision. I can offer key values and skills to help bring your ideas to fruition. If you are a “starter”, then I am your “finisher”. My approach to a challenge is to clarify, understand, problem-solve, develop and deliver.

To take an idea or concept through from its inception to its execution requires a consultative approach - a partnership. I am a rational and pragmatic thinker and can work within an existing management structure, or create a new management team through my extensive network


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