Getting the Most Out of Software Outsourcing: How to Reach the Goal

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With such an immense choice of software outsourcing companies, choosing the most suitable one has become a real challenge. There are so many issues to be considered here that the owners of start-up companies frequently feel confused and bewildered. Here is the quick guide on how to find the best outsourcing company and get the most out of its services.

1. Identify the Outsourcing Destination

Cooperation with outsourcing companies is definitely the right choice for the owners of small, medium and large companies. This is especially true, if your company is comparatively young, but you have aspirations and goals to be reached in the shortest time possible. As of today, it is possible to choose between three types of outsourcing companies depending upon their location. Each of them comes with merits and demerits, which should be analyzed in detail before adopting the decision. Onshore, offshore and nearshore outsourcing companies are the types of businesses you may choose from nowadays. Onshore companies are found in your native country, offshore businesses are located abroad, while nearshore software outsourcing companies are situated in those countries, the time zones of which are close to yours.

2. Detect the Potential Partners

Now that you have a general idea as to the choice of the best region, it is high time to detect the potential partners. The choice is close to unlimited here, so, you should narrow it down to the most reputable and trusted software outsourcing companies like It goes without saying that this choice is not an easy one. This is because each company tries to present its specialists in the most favorable way. Correspondingly, it does not make any sense to trust the very first business you manage to come across in the global network.

To simplify the choice, look for the referrals of other businesses you trust and can rely on. These may be your network partners that are experienced in the niche and know what’s going on in the market. Look through the applications and software products your partners have and choose those you like most. Inquire about the software developers, who have worked on these projects.

Keep in mind that a reputable company should employ skillful and experienced staff, capable of coping with any projects within the specified deadlines. These specialists should be aware of the latest industry trends, such as online gaming changes, software development issues and what not.

3. Sort Out Unreliable Candidates

Suppose, you have compiled the list of candidates. What should you do then? It does not make any sense to sit down and talk to the managers of each company in person. They will surely praise their services without mentioning the drawbacks. So, this will just be the waste of your time and effort. There is a better idea you can make use of instead!

Make up an interesting idea and send an e-mail describing it to each company you have found. Ask them to offer you a few projects and wait for the reaction. Those companies that are sincerely interested in cooperating with you, are likely to react to your e-mail in the shortest time possible. This does not mean that they will provide the project plan right from the start, but they should at least inquire about your preferences and product ideas, specifying the details. If a company is located in a different time zone, it’s ok to wait for the answer for about one day. In other cases, the reply should come within a couple of hours. This means that the managers of the company monitor corporate e-mail and are interested in finding new partners.

4. Contact with the Previous Clients of the Companies You Have Found

So, your choice is narrowed down to two or three software outsourcing companies. To select the “winner”, just ask them to provide the contact info of one of their previous clients, who work in the same business you do. This is a kind of a test that will help you detect the most suitable partner. If there is nothing the company tries to conceal from you, they will eagerly provide the contacts. Otherwise, they may try to find lame excuses. If you wish, you can contact the former partners of the company you are interested in to find out their opinion as to the company’s credibility and professionalism.

The steps mentioned above seem quite simple, but they are very effective as well. Hopefully, they will simplify your choice. Follow these recommendations to select the best software outsourcing company to handle your new projects.


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