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Upgrading the Philippine Call Center Agent Qualifications

Virginia Magallanes

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A call center job is a tough job, and a very strict and thorough selection is done when it comes to the selection of its employees.

According to a survey, out of 400,000 graduates produced every year, a mere five percent qualifies as call center agents.

To supply the demands of the call center industry, the Technical Education and Skills Authority (TESDA) of the Department of Labor and Employment has released scholarship fund for the would be call center professionals. Even the Philippine government mandated that English be the medium of instruction in both the primary and secondary levels. In colleges and universities, number of schools all over the country is now offering Advanced Communication for International Business and other courses that give emphasis on the proficiency in the English language and competitiveness in the call center industry.

To cope up with the ever increasing demands of the call center industry, some educational institutions have established certification programs and formal trainings. Call Centers have also conducted some special classes regarding basic contact center education for graduating students.

The global competition is now becoming stiffer; there is a great need to upgrade the qualifications of call center agents in the Philippines. There are colleges that are offering basic and advanced speech and public speaking courses, as well as basic courses in accent, grammar and speaking skills.

As to the hiring process, call centers make sure that they hire only the best. Likely candidates go thorough a series of examinations, both written and verbal. They also go through a three week training process in which only the competent agents are elevated to the status of probationary employees and after six months they become regular employees.

To improve the English speaking skills of the agents, Philippine call centers nowadays are adopting the English only policy within its premises. Erring agents are fined or are reprimanded whenever they are caught speaking the native language. There are also special trainings being done every now and then to refresh the knowledge of the English language.

Presently, other efforts are being done to continually upgrade the qualifications of the call center agents in the Philippines. However, if you are a call center agent aiming to be the best in the job then self-improvement is also the key to success. There are various items in the Internet that can help you. At home, you can also practice diction and voice while doing other chores. You can also adopt an English only policy in your very home. If you really put your mind into it, you can do it. Just be determined and confident that you possess the factors to become a competent call center agent.

Virginia Magallanes, 25, works as company writer for Call Center Philippines Unique Interaction


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