Why Should You Outsource Your Sales Lead Generation?


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The answer is simple…. . It makes good business sense to do so!

An outsourcing partnership with a ‘good’ lead generation and appointment setting supplier is more effective at getting the quality and quantity of leads you need and in the long run costs considerably less than doing it in house. Here's why:

1. Delivering results.

No matter how many times you tell them, most salespeople don't do enough prospecting to keep their pipelines full. They frequently don't enjoy cold calling and would far rather be negotiating or closing a deal. This is a sweeping generalisation but it holds true in many organisations. By outsourcing you are assured of a steady stream of new prospects.

2. Turning a fixed cost into a variable cost.

Handling your own telemarketing means building and maintaining your own telemarketing team with the necessary human, financial and technical capabilities needed to do the job properly. This brings with it a high fixed cost. By outsourcing you turn this fixed cost into a variable and scalable cost - you pay only for hours worked on your campaign (no vacation, holidays, sick days, etc. ) and you can increase activity or turn it off easily.

3. Removing the opportunity cost of ‘non-core’ activity.

If running a lead generation telemarketing team is not your core business, the real and intangible costs of doing so may be the most decisive expense of all. You will be diverting key personnel and capital to the establishment, maintenance and management of this part of your business. This will dilute their contribution to the core business!

4. Removing the people management issues.

Advertising, Interviewing, hiring and managing an in-house lead generation team takes time and money. You have to recruit, train and manage this team. Outsourcing removes these issues and you don't have to worry about staff turnover. Losing a trained team member can impact the effectiveness of your entire campaign and cost you greatly in missed opportunities. By outsourcing you won't jeopardize your campaign, or incur the cost of retraining.

5. Working with specialists.

For an outsourced lead generation company their whole business proposition is based around their ability to use the phone to get results - they can't afford to get it wrong!

6. No business is ‘too’ complex to outsource!

Many companies argue that their business is too complex to outsource. They fear that an outsourced partner will not understand their business well enough to deliver a complex sales message. An effective outsourced partner will build trust by spending the time and energy on training their team to understand your business and they will ensure that you have the necessary reassurance over quality control. The outsourced lead generation team effectively becomes an extension of your sales team

About the author - Mark Brewerton is responsible for marketing at Broadley Speaking. We provide a full range of business-to-business (B2B) outbound telemarketing, telesales, sales development, appointment setting and lead generation services for our clients. In addition to our telemarketing and telesales services, where our clients want us to help them further, we also provide sales and marketing consultancy services to support the development and implementation of their sales and marketing strategy. For some of our clients, based on our own extensive experience of effective sales, we also provide sales training for their own internal sales teams. Contact us to see how our intelligent sales approach could work for you on 01822 618537 or by email to info@broadley-speaking.com or visit our website at http://www.broadley-speaking.com


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