Offshore Outsourcing: A Day in Hell for the Customer

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I just finished a grueling call with a Dell representative from India.

Hey! Wait a minute! I thought Dell was bringing their technical support back to the United States? Well…that may be the case but this was not a technical support person. It was sales! To add insult to injury, the phone connection was so bad that I got a high pitched squeal during the call.

The conversation went so badly that I could not make an order. As a matter of fact, I could not even get a credit account setup after approval. Believe me, it is a long story.

There is a type of gridlock that occurs when you try to execute business transactions across cultures not to mention continents! The cultural soft skills that Americans employ to naturally move other Americans through a business transaction, such as sales and support, is just not there with personnel in India.

John Dir, a 20 year IT pro says it best when he said, “When I buy a product from an American company, and find out I get foreign support, I feel cheated like someone slipped me a crap sandwich. Regardless of who makes a product, or how it manages to make its way into my house, I expect Americans to back it up if they want me to buy another one. Every other country in the world gets their own people behind products sold to them, so why can't American consumers expect the same from business in this land. "

I will pay more for a product just to make sure I have sales and support that understands me well enough to take me through my purchases and fix my problems when I am in need.

Because I am experiencing this so often, I ask the question: Are there any Big Name companies that care about their American customers enough to give them American help so that I and millions of other Americans don’t have to keep suffering through this support nightmare? Dell, don’t bring it back home in the right hand and slip it out of the country in the left. Dell, take care of American customers with American representatives.

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Olan Butler is the Chief Architect of BHO Technologists, a computer productivity software and service provider with headquarters in Kansas City.


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Offshore Outsourcing to India - Bane or Boon
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