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I needed to start this topic with a huge, “WHY NOT? Outsourcing automotive services, I believe has become the most powerful tool made available to dealers. My name is Dr. Harold Elam Jr, and through dealer development and detailed research, I have concluded that the shift that is taking place in our industry is greater than the knowledge that most dealers possess, and our industry can't handle the increase we are entering into.

Most Dealerships are still mom and pop companies, surviving off the relationships they have established over the years. Outsourcing being made available to dealers, is the best way for dealers to really connect with the area they service and stay connected through technology. I have found in my research, most Internet Departments in our industry, are automated and there really is no-response system put into place. Outsourcing allows our Dealers to have real response time, and build real relationship over the internet, just like other industries. American Express, outsources, not their call center, EarthLink outsources as well as many others.

I know what you are thinking, “This Guy Is Advertising" and your RIGHT!, but I also love this business, and for dealers to survive in this fast paced market THEY MUST KEEP UP WITH TECHNOLOGY!! Dealers can now out-source their Internet department, pay no employees, Outsource BDC, Real time follow-up, E-marketing instead of Direct mail!!! Spend LESS and get more. This is what out-sourcing does, and it allows Dealers to keep up with the pace, or like so many other Dealers, you will go out of business or get sold to the Auto Nations of the world, our industry has went corporate, no more personal touch, even though that is what the market place is calling for. Offer your guest convenience, simplicity, technology and GREAT customer service. I challenge Dealers, Vendors, Managers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . anyone related to the industry to learn more about what I call SCD (Systematic Concept Duplication) the science of Automotive Outsourcing.

We Are BDC
Dr Harold Elam Jr
President, Dealer Services
810 Summit Rd
Unit E
Goldsboro, NC 27534


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