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5 Things a Small Non-Profit Did to Raise Over $40,000 in 30 Days - Despite the Bad Economy


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The headlines are filled with bad news. Non-profit organizations are suffering (even closing their doors) in the current economic times. Yet Boston-based One Home Many Hopes stepped outside of their comfort zone and stepped up to the We Need Funds NOW! Challenge - and their concentrated energy paid off.

With an all-volunteer team and only 180 people in their database to start, One Home Many Hopes raised over $40,000 and increased their donor database from 180 to approximately 1,000 people at the end of the We Need Funds NOW! Challenge from October 25th to November 23rd, 2008. So, how did they do that?

1. They believed.

Admittedly, when the group of about 15 volunteers walked into the room for the initial training and strategy session, they weren't really convinced they could raise much money at all. Some thought that they'd be lucky to even get half-way to the goal. However, at the end of the 6 hour training, they got connected to the reason they were doing what they were doing, and they envisioned the end result.

2. They set their goal. Then, they set it again.

The goal for the We Need Funds NOW! Challenge was to raise $20,000 in 30 days. The organization had reached that goal well before the end of the 30 days. So, they set a new goal: over 1,000 new donors in their database. That was quite lofty considering at that point they only had 250 new donors. However, they did it - over 1,000 by the end of the 30 days.

The point: set goals with actual, specific numbers (not a range) and time frames attached to them.

3. They had buy-in on their plan

With a little help from this expert, the group of 15 volunteers created their strategy for reaching their fundraising goal. They also created an implementation plan - who was doing what and when. That plan (of course) was modified as the days progressed; however, the important part was that the group of 15 collectively created it. They OWNED it, and they wanted it to succeed.

4. They implemented - FAST!

Before they left the training & strategy session that first day, one volunteer had secured a celebrity endorsement of their campaign. Another person had started the process for a matching grant from a funder with whom they had no prior relationship. Additionally, within five days, they had their campaign website up and running. What takes some organization months to accomplish, this organization did in one week.

5. They evaluated every day. Literally

Every week day for 30 days (and some times on the weekend) a small group had a teleconference to evaluate what had been done that day and what the results were. From that, they were able to determine very quickly what strategies were working and what needed to be modified.

I know what you might say - “I'm too busy to do that every day. " It took them about 15-20 minutes each day. Well worth the investment for the result of over $40,000 in 30 days.

This is a passionate, amazing and talented group . . . of volunteers! They all had jobs, lives, families, kids, responsibilities, etc. If they can accomplish these results, so can you.

Want more tips and strategies for raising funds fast? Check out this Free Report on 7 secrets of fast fund-raising at and meet Kristy J. Hall, the innovative creator of a cutting-edge audio and video training series that helps non-profits raise funds practically on demand.


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